Home Office missing crime target

Home Office missing crime target.
The Home Office is falling behind its five-year target for reducing crime, a government report reveals.
The number of offences reported in the year to June was 11 million, while it should have been down to 10.5 million by this stage.

The Home Office's own report said there had been "slippage" in efforts to cut crime, protect the public and reduce the use of Class A drugs among youths. Home Secretary John Reid said "headway" had been made but more had to be done.

Mr Reid said the Home Office's targets were 'challenging' The PPP comments……..in round terms ….in a 65 million population and 11 million crimes last year means that about ONE in SIX of the population were victims of a crime of one sort or another. We are looking critically at crime figures in North Wales…..watch this space.

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