We much prefer prevention to detection

We feel that this requires the input & commitment UP FRONT & NOW and that is what the PUBLIC wants. If this can’t be achieved now we want to know why!.

If manpower is the problem, then the need for 822 (equivalent). full time support jobs needs an urgent review!

We strongly agree with the points made in the Dale Hall report page 4 (Surveys section) the force is far too TOP-DOWN orientated.

Local press

The local press is becoming more supportive of the NWPF as the CBM system is seen to be working BUT editors will be highly critical if the CBMs DO NOT GET the support they need.

The bad relationships between press, public and Police are totally unacceptable in the future and this is the responsibility of the force to rectify JOINTLY with the Police Authority.

Responsible & honest press friendly officers rather than spin doctoring and distorted data is demanded.

If you want to know what the public thinks or wants start with your CBMs not university boffins in Swansea………It’s our money your wasting !(how much on surveys and publicity & marketing?)

If the force is doing a good job the press & media will report it for free! Particularly if they ENJOY working with your officers.

The Divisional Commanders MUST be seen to be in command and leading their divisions and they and their middle ranks liasing with their communities and local media with much LESS EMPHASIS on Headquarters!

PR must NOT be a separate function. These shortcomings are very clear in our library of recorded media (particularly TV!) interviews.

In conclusion all members of the PPP in North Wales & their Associates are totally committed and supportive of community policing and Crime prevention

Proper policing:
Community policing North Wales