Report suggests foreign trucks are eight times more dangerous

Foreign lorries are eight times more dangerous than British trucks, it has been revealed. Foreign HGVs only make up 1% of the total in the country but were involved in 163 accidents in which someone either died or suffered serious injuries in on year. This was nearly 8% of the total involving heavy goods vehicles. Meanwhile British hauliers, which account for the vast majority, were involved in 1,956.

Campaigners argue that part of the problem is that foreign lorries are maintained to lower standards than British ones. Over one in five trucks operated by foreign hauliers have been found to be unroadworthy and often drivers from overseas cannot see other motorists because the trucks are left-hand drive.
Robert Gifford, Executive Director of the Parliamentary Advisory Council for Transport Safety, has backed the call for tougher action. He said 'The government has at long last recognised in these figures the over-representation of foreign registered HGVs in accidents on British roads.'

The PPP comments Ö this makes for a considerably increased risk for anyone driving on our A55 and corresponds with findings of checks carried out by VOSA and NWPF on the A55. All users of the A55 should be vigilant and report any defects in vehicles or driving standards they witness. The PPP have been campaigning for an increase in Police highway patrols on all our roads and the A55 in particular.