In a bid to save money and energy and add a greenwash to the idea the Department for Transport is planning to turn off or dim street lighting during lightly trafficked hours.

Roads minister Stephen Ladyman told the House of Commons: "The Department endorses 'Well-lit Highways', the code of practice on highway lighting management (December 2004, TSO) published by the UK Lighting Board ”.

"The Board, in conjunction with the Institution of Lighting Engineers, has also produced "Invest to Save", which provides guidance to local authorities considering adopting energy saving measures such as dimming or mid-night switching-off of lights.

The effects of reducing lighting levels or turning lights off will vary from case to case. Any financial or environmental savings from reduced energy use would have to be balanced against potential adverse effects, for example on accidents or crime”.

"The Highways Agency is currently reviewing all its standards for the provision of road lighting on the strategic road network, which will mean less new lighting being installed in future. The agency's review work also includes the development of an energy strategy for the management of existing lighting, which could include reduced lighting levels, and switching off lighting when roads are lightly trafficked “.