Another incident on the A55

Another incident on the A55. Info courtesy of Daily Post
At around 1pm there was an accident on the A55 at Rhuallt Hill after a caravan overturned. One of the lanes was closed while the caravan was moved to the side. Nobody was hurt.
The PPP comments ….this is one of many similar incidents which are potentially very dangerous and are very frightening and costly to the driver/occupants of the vehicle.
The Vehicle activated sign (VAS) is a very versatile tool which prevents incidents rather than prosecutes drivers. We covered this device in an article entitled TRL 548 etc. Please use our article search and read it.
Rhuallt hill is probably steeper than would be allowed on a motorway and it is also very exposed to the prevailing winds. The A55 now carries motorway numbers and types of vehicles and is Wales' major HGV and tourist highway.
We believe that the VAS, which is programmable to show more than ‘SLOW DOWN’ or a speed camera image! etc They could easily be developed further to specifically target any articulated vehicle AND give larger more informative displays.
They should be utilised on Rhuallt Hill and elsewhere in similar situations, side wind danger zones for instance. The cost of one incident of this type probably exceeds the cost of such a sign.