Speed Camera Policy

Every open survey carried out by various organisations and the press and most of the press coverage indicates that the Speed Camera policy Nationally and particularly in North Wales is alienating the public from the Police.

It is also criminalising generally law abiding citizens. Many of the abuses are symptomatic of a Police state!! But the system allows non-police and un elected individuals to perpetrate these abuses

Most longstanding road research and historical and recent statistics show that it has failed to achieve it’s stated objectives. It has in fact seriously damaged the road safety culture in this country.

In so doing this policy has increased the frequency of fatal accidents and negated the gains from continuous improvements to roads and vehicle technology. The principle of hidden Police officers crouched down inside vehicles targeting only safe sections of our roads is ANATHEMA to the principles of open & honest co-operative community Policing.

The fact that long serving officers find this an acceptable activity emphasises the corrupting influence of financial incentives (now being considered in other areas of policing!) and the pernicious propaganda from those in charge.

The basic false premise of a self-financing Camera based high tech. System of road policing has generated a system of unaccountable quangos which abuse all aspects of the original rules and guidelines and the legal system and court procedures.

It is clear to all that, Richard Brunstrom as the architect of this failed system, is accountable for all it’s failings and abuses including several thousand additional deaths and many more serious injuries on our roads. We are in danger of making the same mistake with the overuse and wildly optimistic expectations of CCTV in our towns and cities Is the objective really to obtain video records of crimes, including murder rather than PREVENTION!. WE must learn the lesson from the failed SCAMERAs that are based on this scandalous principle!

Social and real financial costs

The Social and real financial costs to the population, families, businesses and the horrendous divisions created at all levels in society may never be known.

The system is so out of control that the SCAMERAs themselves do not appear to know (or care) where their cameras are, how many prosecutions there have been or who has been prosecuted. The investigation by the Times into the scandal in Essex only scratched the surface.

The abuse of the language such as ‘Safety’ Cameras & ‘partnerships’, ‘initiatives’, and the latest favourite of Brunstrom’s “reassurance” etc is also highly destructive of public confidence in the long term.

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