THE BBC will tonight broadcast an apology to a North Wales MP after running a programme in which he was branded a “Ned Ludd” character by a senior policeman.
Labour’s Ian Lucas complained after documentary The Chief, about the work of controversial North Wales Chief Constable Richard Brunstrom, was screened last November.
It contained a sequence in which Mr Brunstrom and his deputy Clive Wolfendale made “disparaging” comments about Mr Lucas – including comparing him to the man the Luddites took their name from – because he had criticised the force’s decision to employ web staff at more than £40,000 while cutting police posts. The apology will be broadcast tonight at 10.35pm.
Mr Lucas said: “It is disappointing it took so long for this decision to be reached, but I am very glad it has. Having pursued the complaint with BBC Wales, it is clear the decision to broadcast without seeking my comments was accepted by staff at a very high level of the organisation.”

The PPP comments …..We will study the broadcast tonight with interest. Apologies long after the event are pathetic but no doubts lessons will have been learnt …until the next time!
This nasty little program should never have been made, never mind shown. It was a crude, badly made, ego trip for Brunstrom and his equally strange colleague DCC Wolfendale. We asked the question at the time, what did the BBC pay for the use of the force helicopter and the chief officers’ time??