People for Proper Policing North Wales (PPP)

The PPP, People for Proper Policing in North Wales are a group of citizens from all walks of life, and political persuasions, who are concerned about the direction policing is going in North Wales.

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Our website is kept current and is updated on a regular basis with various articles on proper Policing by our committee members.

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The PPP have some excellent articles on proper Policing, not just in North Wales but nationally too.

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North Wales Police has the highest number of officers in its history, yet we see no evidence of them on our streets.

We want to see a return to officers being visible and acting as a deterrent to all forms of crime and antisocial behaviour.

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This Is What PPP North Wales Wants

Occupied police stations, skilled & visible highway patrols, police officers we know & respect and who care for and communicate with ALL members of the community.

From an initial meeting five years ago we have grown into a pressure group trying to influence strategy on several fronts.

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This Is What PPP North Wales Is Against

Arrogant and aggressive senior officers, more surveillance cameras and illegal and abusive use of speed cameras.