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Flashing driver fined

Daily Mail on 4th January 2011
A driver who flashed his headlights at oncoming motorists to warn them of a police speed trap has been left with a £440 court bill for 'obstructing police'. Michael Thompson thought it was his 'civic duty' to warn other drivers coming in the opposite direction of the police speed trap - but magistrates took a very dim view of his actions.
The 64-year-old was charged and brought to court for wilfully obstructing a policeman in the course of his duty.

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ACPO Summer Drink and Drug Driving Results

Figures released today by the Association of Chief Police Officers (ACPO) show that of the 100,853 people stopped by police and breath tested, 5,652 (5.6 percent) tested positive, or refused or failed a breath test. That compares to 5.8 percent during the same time last year. The campaign runs throughout June. Offending by under 25 year olds incresed from 5.9 percent to 6.4 percent in 2010 – and the over 25 year olds dropped from 5.6 percent in 2009 to 5.3 percent this year.
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The £800,000 speed camera fiasco

MCN By Steve Farrell - 25 April 2010. High-tech new speed cameras on one of the country’s most popular bike routes are useless due to an apparent oversight. The new cameras are aimed at catching motorcyclists on the A537 Cat and Fiddle road from Macclesfield to Buxton, Derbyshire. They have been installed at five points along the road and riders are timed between them to calculate their average speed. Camera bosses have failed to take into account that between two of the sites there is a shortcut with a higher speed limit.
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Two more drivers die in Gwynedd

Mar 15 2010 by Owen R Hughes, Daily Post
TWO drivers were killed and a teenage girl seriously injured in separate road crashes in Gwynedd over the weekend.
Peter Dacre, 28, from Bangor, died in an horrific smash near Deiniolen on Friday night that left his 18-year-old friend Rebecca Jones critically ill in hospital. Peter was driving a red Ford Focus on the A4244 when the crash happened at 9.10pm.On Saturday an elderly man died after his Renault Clio crashed through a wall after leaving the A5 in the Ogwen Valley ....
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Weather chaos on North Wales' roads

Daily Post 2nd Feb.2010
HEAVY snow and black ice caused road chaos across North Wales yesterday.
The elements combined with a period of low sunshine to affect traffic conditions notably in Wrexham and Flintshire.Met Office spokesman John Hammond said accidents early in the day in adverse weather conditions are common, adding: “This snow blindness can be a problem at this time of year when people are driving to work and the sun is bright but low in the sky. Temperatures dropped to -1.7C and led to three serious crashes ...
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98mph cop denies speeding on A55 in Colwyn Bay

MCN By Steve Farrell 22 December 2009
A North Wales police officer caught doing nearly the twice the speed limit tried to get off on the grounds 50mph signs were unlit. Sgt Craig Jones was driving at 98mph when he was stopped but denied speeding, claiming the limit was unenforceable. Jones was caught on the A55 dual carriageway at Colwyn Bay late on April 1 as he took a prisoner to Caernarfon.The organised crime officer was convicted by magistrates but is now to appeal his 90-day driving ban & £500 fine with £1000 costs.
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Speeding prosecutions are Postcode Lottery

MCN By Steve Farrell - 16 December 2009
Speeding prosecutions are dished out in a postcode lottery with the chances of getting one varying widely from one region to another, according to a report. One in eight motorists in North Wales received points on their licence for speeding in 2007 compared to one in 100 in Durham. For all traffic offences, Northamptonshire led the way in England and Wales with on in six motorists getting points. Durham was again bottom of the table with a rate of one in 50.

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Police charge amnesia pothole victim

MCN By Steve Farrell - 17 December 2009
A motorcyclist with amnesia was charged with careless driving even though police knew his crash had been caused by a pothole, a lawyer claimed. Avon and Somerset Police made no mention ib the official conclusion that the pothole was to blame while telling the recovering victim he faced prosecution. The vehicle recovery agent alerted Andrew Bannell, 25, that the police had asked the council to mend the hole after the accident. Due to concussion Bannell had no memory of the crash cause
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Speed camera blamed for doubling of motorway casualties

By Daily Mail Reporter on 15th November 2009 A motorway speed camera responsible for earning the Government £500,000-a-year in fines has been blamed for increasing accidents since it was installed. The camera, which monitors a busy stretch of the M11 in Essex, results in 9,000 tickets a year, but figures released by police show crashes have risen by a quarter at the site. A Freedom of Information request made by campaigners who oppose what they see as revenue-based penalty tickets also showed casualties have almost doubled.
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Woman escapes A55 Rhuallt Hill wreck with barely a scratch

Nov 11 2009 by Eryl Crump, Daily Post
A WOMAN walked away uninjured after her car flipped off the A55 in a high speed smash. Her Citroen Xsara crashed through a fence and overturned just after she’d driven eastbound up Rhuallt Hill. The vehicle ended upside down embedded in the grass verge, just after the expressway narrows from three lanes to two. Emergency crews said the woman escaped with minor injuries. She was driving her metallic green car up the hill just before 7.30am. Police closed one lane of the A55.
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Arrive Alive enforces 30 limit on 40 mph limited section of the B4391 at Bala

Press Release issued by North Wales Police: 5/11/09 On 1st March 2009 Arrive Alive commenced speed enforcement operations on a stretch of the B4391 at Bala, identified as a Community Concern Site. It was believed that the speed limit in force was 30mph following a revision by Gwynedd County Council in 1993 of the Traffic order designating that stretch as a 40mph limit. Following an inquiry by a member of the public, Gwynedd County Council discovered that the original road traffic order had not been revoked.
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English firm wins £500k North Wales Police contract

Nov 2 2009 by Carl Butler, Daily Post
A CONTRACT to run speed awareness and driver improvement courses for North Wales Police has been handed to a Berkshire company. Hundreds of drivers from across North Wales choose to enrol on the courses – introduced in 2006 and available in Welsh and English – as an alternative to going through the court system and having points put on their driving licences or being fined. The courses cost £60 for three-hour sessions and on average about 30 people attend each session.
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Even the British injustice system is anti motorcyclist.

You will recall that a biker was recently jailed for doing 122 MPH with his son on the pillion. WE don’t believe it, we think it was a propaganda con invented by our big brother police state . The scam van picture (taken from behind) showed him behind a number of vehicles and NO spray coming from his rear wheel. They claimed it was raining. Could he really be doing 122mph with cars just a few metres in front?. We repeat first they came for the Motorcyclists and we did speak out as we will again if they try similar tactics.
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New traffic officers to patrol the A55

Sep 29 2009 by Tom Bodden, Daily Post
A NEW high-visibility patrol on the A55 cleared its first traffic hold-up yesterday.
Four police-trained traffic officers from the North Wales Trunk Road Agency will help to keep vehicles moving on the route and free up the police to concentrate on serious matters. The officers are driving conspicuous yellow and black Battenberg marked vehicles fitted with amber and red lights between 7am and 7pm Monday to Friday. But the vehicles are not intended as emergency response vehicles.
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The DfT admit their accident figures are wrong.

The Department for Transport has conceded that casualty figures from Police reports collected at the scene of an accident - known as Stats 19 have been drastically underestimated. Latest statistics show the Police recorded 230,000 injuries in Britains roads last year but information from other sources including figures provided by hospital accident and emergency departments puts the real numbers at between 680,000 and 920,000. The DfT now believes the most accurate figure is 800,000.
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North Wales Explain Operation Focus

North Wales Explain 'Operation Focus' This story from the Police Oracle website 14-Sep-09
As 10,000 bikers support a newspaper campaign against the perceived police stance on motorbikes, the Police explain 'Operation Focus'. Supt Simon Shaw added: “Because of the significant proportion of deaths & serious injury collisions involving motorcyclists we are constantly working with our partners to reduce injury & save lives through engineering, education and enforcement. “The vast majority of motorcyclists are law abiding."
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Even the British injustice system is anti motorcyclist

You will recall that a biker was recently jailed for doing 122 MPH with his son on the pillion. WE don’t believe it, we think it was a propaganda con invented by our big brother police state. A young girl was fined and had a short ban for pulling out on a biker just outside Mold last summer, he died instantly. Another car driver was fined and had a short term ban as a result of driving on the wrong side of the road and crippling a biker. He may never walk again.
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Bikesafe 2009 & the MCN protest

The following is a news bulletin from North wales police
Bikesafe scheme goes from strength to strength. An innovative scheme that aims to reduce motorcycle casualties and provide education to riders on road safety is going from strength to strength in North Wales. Bikesafe North Wales now facilitates up to 10% of the UK’s market for Bikesafe education, offers free two-day workshops for up to 600 bikers a year & are providing more education per head than any other police force in the country, apart from the Met.
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£20million in speeding fines may be repaid after police error

By Andrew Levy and Ray Massey on 26th June 2009 Daily Mail
A police force faces paying back £20million in speeding fines after a blunder meant tickets were issued illegally. Hundreds of thousands of drivers could receive refunds and have points taken off their licences as a result. They may even be entitled to compensation if penalty points cost them their jobs or if they took time off work to attend speed awareness courses. The error involves part of the 1988 Road Traffic Offenders Act
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Teen admits racing before crash that killed North Wales couple

A TEENAGER has admitted he was racing before his car crashed, killing two pensioners.Retired police officer Eric Townsend, 85, and his wife Marie, 83, a retired nurse, both died after the crash on Mold bypass on December 5 last year.
David Grant Hirst, 18, faced two counts of causing death by driving his Vauxhall Corsa dangerously on the A494 bypass between the Wylfa and New Brighton roundabouts. He collided with the Townsend’s Ford Focus. Hirst, of Moel Gron, Mynydd Isa, near Mold, pleaded guilty to both counts at Mold.
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North Wales Police road policing Operation Focus continues

New tactics are to be employed by police in a bid to assist in an operation aimed at driving down the number of motorcyclists who are killed and injured on the roads of North Wales. Covert speed cameras and the testing of average speed enforcement devices will be introduced under Operation Focus over the next couple of weeks. These will be used alongside the tried and tested enforcement methods used by officers working on the operation said Superintendent Simon Shaw, Head of Roads Policing for North Wales Police.
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National Speed limit Reduction to 50mph

The Drivers allaince have researched such a scheme in Yorkshire and have set up a website to oppose the national Scheme.
Despite claims that road safety is the motivation behind camera enforced speed limit reductions, evidence from South Yorkshire police and the Highways Agency suggest that this is not the primary reason for the Stocksbridge scheme. There is much evidence to suggest the cameras and speed reduction measures are actually designed to deter drivers from using this route.

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Traffic Officer Jailed After Crash

Story courtesy of the Police Oracle 18-Mar-09 South Wales Sgt Craig Bannister has been jailed for 4 months for dangerous driving after crashing at 113mph... Bannister, who qualified as an advanced police driver a month before the accident – was driving on the M4 near Swansea, south Wales, when his BMW 5 series spun out of control, Cardiff Crown Court heard. Bannister, 30, was stood down from an emergency call shortly before joining the motorway but continued to drive at high speeds, reaching more than 120mph.
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North Wales Police: We need to get tougher on speeding

Mar 9 2009 by Owen R Hughes, Daily Post. DRIVERS face a speeding crackdown after a “softer” approach by North Wales Police has seen serious injuries from road smashes soar. Deputy chief constable Clive Wolfendale revealed that police had taken the “foot off the pedal” in its targeting of motorists. The force increased the speed drivers could exceed the limit before they were hit with mandatory penalty points and a fine instead of being offered speed awareness courses. 30,000 of the 100,OOO prosecuted were offered courses.
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Help for young drivers

Assistant Chief Constable's Blog Posted Wednesday, Feb. 04 2009 Last week I commented on our approach to drink driving. There is a similarity with safe sex and anti-smoking campaigns. The robust safety messages that were pushed out in the 80s and 90s had many benefits, and I had started to hope that drinking and driving would fade away as an issue; as drinking and driving became as socially unacceptable as the other ills – sadly I was over optimistic. Young drivers, and in particular 17 – 25 year old men, remain disproporti
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Speed Cameras and the Herts Camera Partnership

26 January 2009 Highlights (or lowlights) since my first contact with Herts Camera Partnership in Nov 2007:
The Herts Camera Partnership report for 2007 was published on 18 Dec 2008 (why did it take 350 days to produce a 10-page document?) Across Hertfordshire, fatalities in 2007 were up 25% and serious injuries were up 5% on the previous year. The Herts 2007 Road Traffic Collision and Casualty Report shows that Killed and Seriously Injured are both up significantly year on year, but the Executive Summary, and the related C
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Speed camera panic may have caused death of motorist

08/02/2009 A DRIVER may have been killed because he braked suddenly after spotting a speed camera.
Police say Graham Davies, 45, is unlikely to have even been speeding when he lost control of his car. The businessman died instantly when his Skoda Fabia hit a lamp-post near an accident blackspot on the A9. Traffic policeman George Fergus claimed braking was a natural reaction for any driver unaware of their exact speed. He told an inquiry: "Witnesses said that, for no apparent reason, the victim's vehicle braked heavily, th
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Met Police Lose Enforcement Powers

This exclusive story courtesy of Piston Heads Feb 5th 2009
Police Officers in London can no longer enforce a number of traffic offences after a major shake-up Metropolitan Police officers have been stripped of powers to enforce a number of traffic offences involving major road signs from today, PistonHeads has learnt. A set of Met Police guidelines has been passed to us that illustrate exactly which misdemeanours officers are no longer allowed to deal with. These include ‘no entry’, ‘one way’, and ‘no U turn’ signs.
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Trucker clears his name in six-month legal fight. A TRUCKER has been cleared of speeding after claiming that a roadside camera incorrectly recorded him breaking a 30mph limit. Now Ian Clayton, 34, has hit out at the Crown Prosecution Service (CPS) after having to endure a six-month legal battle before being cleared. Mr Clayton, of Burton Road, Overseal, was recorded on the B5017 Henhurst Hill in Burton travelling at 40mph in a 30mph limit. However, legal proceedings have been dropped after his tacograph proved otherwise.
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A simple statement of the truth

To a member of NW press .,…who failed to comment or reply!
Thanks for highlighting the results of a major potential perversion of the course of justice. If the PPP hadn't arranged legal assistance from Chester and Viv Williams and the others had not had the courage to protest and keep up the challenge, despite the usual threatening letters from Inspector Ahari and the CPS, they would have all been prosecuted. They would have been fined particularly heavily if they had fought the cases as individuals. They would also been li
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GATSO speed camera operating illegaly

By Anonymous. Courtesy of MCN, Politics & the law, 22 October 2008 17:57
I am being prosecuted for speeding after the alleged offence was captured on a GATSO. They say I was doing 38 in a 30 and I denied it. I am defending myself and you can follow the story on .I am now in the final stages of the court procedure and I have received confirmation that the prosecution accepts that the GATSOMETER in the Ditchling Road, Brighton has been operating outside its type approval conditions (ie illegally).
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Average speed Cameras for all our roads

Average speed cameras could replace Gatsos on all UK roads. Specs are now a common sight. Average speed cameras that track drivers over long distances are to be rolled out across the country to replace Gatsos, it has been reported. Currently the cameras – dubbed 'yellow vultures' – are used where road works are taking place, but ministers now plan to use them in accident black spots, in residential areas and on motorways. The Home Office is expected to grant approval for the technology in January.
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A jury criticised Lancashire Police over a fatal crash

A jury accused police of "institutionalised complacency" as it convicted an officer of careless driving following the death of a pensioner during a high-speed training exercise. Peter Williams, 67, was killed when Pc Sean Schofield's marked Volvo T5 hit his car head-on at 94mph. His widow Jean, of Bolton-le-Sands, Lancashire, survived but the retired lecturer died in hospital the next day. The advanced police driver hit speeds of 104mph moments before he ploughed into Mr Williams's VW Touran in Over Kellet, Lancashire.
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18 L E Jones lorry drivers sentenced

Jun 28 2008 by Carl Butler, Daily Post. A LORRY driver failed to take his breaks because he feared being robbed or assaulted if he stopped on an A55 layby. Stories in the Daily Post about a lorry driver hijacked at gunpoint and forced to drive to Lancashire, helped convince driver Dewi Wyn Jones, 36, of Madyn road, Amlwch, the A55 laybys were unsafe for his night shift driving between Anglesey and Ruthin. Jones was one of 18 drivers sentenced at Wrexham Magistrates last night following an investigation VOSA.
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Two seriously hurt in horror crash near Wrexham

Oct 6 2008 By Carl Butler Daily Post
TWO people were seriously injured in a horrific two car collision last night near Wrexham. Up to three people were trapped in the crash which involved a 27-year-old woman and her two month old baby. The baby, who was strapped into a baby seat was uninjured, but taken to Wrexham Maelor Hospital for a check-up. It is believed the 27-year-old woman did not suffer serious injuries.An 18-year-old male suffered multiple fractures and a 15-year-old front seat passenger was unconscious.
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North Wales Police officer beats speeding rap

Sep 30 2008 by Our Correspondent, Daily Post
A POLICE traffic officer who exceeded a speed limit by 16mph escaped a fine after claiming a warning sign was on the ground and another was obscured. Mark Treleaven-Jones, 42, accepted he had been caught by a Gatso at 2.24am driving to Rhos on Sea along the A55 after finishing his shift.He was doing 56mph in a 40mph temporary limit at Llanfairfechan on February 4. But PC Treleaven-Jones was cleared after telling a court yesterday the 40mph speed limit sign was lying face down.
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The inquest finally reports on a road death in December 2007

Reported Sep 5 2008 by Daily Post.
Mother of two, Traci D’Ormain, 30, from Maes Llwyn, Amlwch, suffered multiple injuries in the horrific crash when her Ford Fiesta collided with the gravel lorry near Dulas on the A5025 just days before Christmas 2007.

The inquest was told she had a high level of amphetamine in her blood when the crash happened as she travelled to work at a Bangor supermarket at 10am on December 20.

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Road Accidents, Prevent or Punish

This bulletin is courtesy of the Association of British Drivers Who drew our attention to the subject matter.We thank you! Published in 1969, Road Accidents: Prevent or Punish? is one of the most important books ever written about road safety, and should be compulsory reading for everyone involved in the formulation of road safety policy. Although it was written nearly thirty-five years ago, the attitudes and prejudices J.J.Leeming describes are not only still with us, they have become even more entrenched
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TRL-548 Vehicle Activated Signs

TRL-548 Vehicle Activated Signs, a large scale Evaluation
This bulletin should be considered with the PPP bulletin entitled. ‘Road Accidents: Prevent or Punish’
This valuable report has been given little publicity as the VAS raises no revenue and the report’s conclusions do not support the current road safety policy and attitude that aims to persecute drivers.This report is now difficult to find because it contradicted the outrageous assumptions of the Goverment and Dft on major road safety issues.

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Motor cycle crashes in Powys and North wales

… 83 motorcycle crashes in 2007 and 84% were not exceeding the speed limit. In the majority of these cases adverse road conditions and time of day were NOT major contributory factors. Modern motorcycles have the highest specification tyres brakes and suspension so technically the riders are well provided for. We can therefore conclude that most of the riders were driving dangerously and lost control.
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Speed camera fines in Bristol have risen 11-fold in a decade but accidents have not fallen, it has been reported. The Evening Post looked at the number of accidents recorded at fixed camera sites last year and found that it was in fact more than in 1998. On the A4 at Brislington Hill a Gatso was installed in 1994 and in 1998 there were 17 accidents. In 2000 there were 29 accidents and there were 23 last year. (PPP comment ….massive increases of 35% to 70%)
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Fire chiefs & the reality of North Wales road safety

Daily Post, August 5th 2008 FIRE chiefs have called on motorists to take more care after being called to nine separate crashes in Wrexham and Flintshire since the weekend. Among them was the fatal death of a motorcyclist and numerous casualties with serious injuries. Ian Williams, North Wales fire service’s county operations manager for Wrexham, said: On average, nearly nine people die every day driving on Britain's roads. We utilise a number of initiatives in partnership with other emergency services and local authorities.
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Road traffic Collision Investigations, what really happened

The picturesque counties of Devon and Cornwall attract millions of visitors every year but, like many places in the UK, serious danger can lurk on the roads. When there’s a fatal or near-fatal crash in the counties, Devon and Cornwall’s Collision Investigation Unit are called upon to work out exactly what happened. ITV’s series ‘Crash Scene Investigators’ follows the expert officers as they use science and detective work to establish the events that led up to serious road traffic collisions.
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Over 1,200 drivers have been caught speeding in three weeks by a single Lancashire mobile scamera. This has raked in £72,000 – seven times the average Lancashire speed camera’s revenue in a year. Police set the device up in a lay-by on the 70mph A56 bypass to enforce a 50mph limit during a £2.8million project to lay a new road surface. The device will be there for another 13 weeks.The camera is placed after a bend and it is mainly used during rush hour.The Welsh Highways agency is using portable GATSOs on the A55 roadworks.
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Helicopter speed camera abuse

A FORMER police advanced motorcycle instructor who fought for 13 months to prove his innocence over a speeding charge has had his case thrown out. North Wales Police are now investigating a complaint by furious Bob McMillan after he claimed the case should never have gone to court.Mr McMillan, a Prince Michael Award holder for a motorbike safety, claimed the helicopter video had been edited, was focused on another unknown sole rider travelling in the opposite direction, and at no point showed the three riders speeding.

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Convictions for section 172, failing to identify the driver, offences

Figures in the news on 23/09/07 for S172 convictions and attributed to Department for Transport (DfT) are not only wrong, they are absolutely wildly wrong says Safe Speed. Our road safety is in your hands and your numbers are out by a factor of 100. It is almost unbelievable that DfT officials have such a poor grip on the numbers that rubbish like this can be handed to the press

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A new initiative to combat truck and road freight crime has been launched this week by ACPO’s Vehicle Crime Intelligence Service (AVCIS). October 22, 2007 A highly visible trailer carrying a clear crime prevention message will now be available to police forces across the UK to park up in roadside lay-bys to highlight that the location is not safe and that drivers should park elsewhere. Truck and road freight crime is a significant problem within the UK. In 2006, more than £100 million pounds wor
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This story courtesy of PistonHeads website. Everyday it seems like a motorway is closed for the police to deal with an incident but anger is growing among motorists that the major roads are being shut for longer than is necessary. The closures last longer because police now label serious smashes as crime scenes and investigate them as such. They are following a manual which was introduced bv the Association of Chief Police Officers to create the same set of standards nationwide.
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City-wide 20mph zone in Portsmouth is being extended today.

We're shifting the balance from responsibility to regulation and it simply does not work. We need more responsibility, not more regulation. "Latest national figures indicate that average accident severity is far higher in 20mph zones than in 30mph zones.
In 20mph zones in 2006 17% of injury crashes were fatal or serious
In 30mph zones in 2006 13% of injury crashes were fatal or serious

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ACPO have just issued a guidance document for implementation by all forces entitled LEGAL OBLIGATIONS PLACED ON FORCES AS BODY CORPORATE WHEN DEALING WITH SPEEDING AND RED LIGHT OFFENCES BY EMERGENCY SERVICE VEHICLES. The protocol means that they are immune to speed cameras if the lights are on, even if they are only late for shift changeover or to collect a takeaway!

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Vehicle ASBOs are here. Story by Andrew Baxter of 'a2bnews'

News is emerging of a case where a 55 year old man has been issued with a 'vehicle ASBO', after overtaking a Police car at a claimed 60mph in a 50mph zone. In a concept ALIEN to British justice, he has no redress and no right to a court hearing. No method exists for the evidence to be examined or tested in a court. A second vehicle ASBO within 12 months would result in immediate road side seizure of his vehicle. There would be no right to a trial, no redress, and no formal test of the evidence.

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Seatbelt campaigners claim Drivers and passengers are playing Russian Roulette.

Leeds road safety team and West Yorkshire Fire and Rescue recently demonstrated what can happen to car occupants who don’t wear seatbelts by simulating the extrication of a ‘victim’ from the wreckage of a head on collision. The extrication helped launch a month long campaign and provided the backdrop to a media launch announcing recent survey results. The road safety team says the results revealed that hundreds of West Yorkshire drivers are playing ‘Russian roulette’ with their own lives and tho
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SPEED CAMERAS KILL up to 3000 To date

We have summarised below the reason speed cameras and all the attendant activities are causing the numbers of accidents and fatalities to rise as highlighted in the graph below. The route cause are increased levels of a. Driver inattention from within the drivers psyche and b. Driver distraction from the local environment within and without the vehicle.
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Massive increase in crashes at M11 speed camera

According to The West Essex Guardian the infamous speed camera on the M11 at Woodford has seen a massive increase in crashes and crash severity. Last week the Department for Transport cancelled its speed camera side effect research. This week we have tragic evidence of 5 serious injuries and a death possibly caused or exacerbated directly by a single speed camera….Now we know why!
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Another attempt to pervert the course of justice by Arrive Alive,

Hidden sign: no fine by David Greenwood, Daily Post Mar 17 2007
CAMPAIGNERS last night claimed police may have to repay fines and scrap penalty points after a motorist was cleared of speeding. North Wales Pressure group People for Proper Policing took up the case of lorry driver Bernie Jones. He was clocked behind the wheel of a car doing 37mph on the A449 at Clynnog Fawr, near Pwllheli, at around 7.30pm on Friday, June 9 last year. The 59-year-old, who had a “clean licence”, pleaded not
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Purge on drivers who break the law

Sep 24 2008 by Kelly Fenna, Daily Post
SEVENTY-EIGHT motoring crimes were detected in just one day in a joint clampdown between the police and the council.
Officers from the North Wales force and Denbighshire Trading Standards stopped vehicles on the A525 St Asaph to Rhuddlan Road last week.Six overweight vehicles were served with prohibition notices and one fixed penalty was issued to a motorist carrying a dangerous load.One vehicle was seized and one taxi was suspended for having an expired Vehicle Excise Licence.
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Strange Signs and lines on the A55 at Penmaenmawr Tunnel

These signs and lines were confusing to locals but they were particularly & dangeriously confusing to drivers from abroad. PPP members had witnessd several near misses and contacted the Highways Agency in Cardiff to no avail. So we raised the issue with NWPF traffic and they sorted it out ... thank YOU
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The loneliness of the long distance bushwacker

This is the view from the side window of the parked AA van. The mustachioed operator has parked fully on the new footpath and sat in the afternoon sun. This section of the A5025 just above city Dulas was an accident black spot due to flooding, it has had drains installed and a good resurface. They deliberately extended the 40 limit well into the overtaking zone. Any vehicle approaching the limit signs from either direction is very likely to accelerate early or brake late.
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Classic abuse of mobile speed cameras

Just one of the many abusive uses of quite clever and useful technology. They use the 3 km rule where they can site the van anywhere within a RADIUS of 3 km of fatal this case we believe it was a Suicide in a car! This rule has now been scrapped and they can go ANYWHERE. These abuses are supported or EVEN organised by YOUR council. Bangor Crematorium site was one such abuse of 1000s of drivers.
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The POLICE State in action

The POLICE State in action …….. AN OUTRAGEOUS ARREST FOR SPEEDING 12:30 - 14 November 2005.

A mother-of-four was locked up in a Scottish cell and deprived of contact with her family before being driven to Scunthorpe to stand trial on Saturday - for a two-year-old speeding offence.
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The Police federation hits out at speed cameras.

The Police federation hits out at speed cameras - again In the latest issue of 'Police', the Police Federation hit out again against speed camera policy.
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A5025 Bull Bay Road

Another Arrive Alive Speed camera abuse. They deliberately chose a slightly faster section of this road where there are fields on one side. there are much more congested and therfore riskier sections which they always ignore. Against Brunstrom's own guidelines they hid the vehicle up a side lane. The Policy is PUNISH (retrospectively... a NIP in the Post) not PREVENTION.
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The SAGA of Bull Bay Road. Perception or Reality

The SAGA of Bull Bay Road. Perception or Reality.

One man said......Sounds like madness to me. Either a road is dangerous, or it isn’t. Either there’s a speed limit, or there isn’t. Either it should be enforced, or it shouldn’t!

It’s not that simple!
I would like to tell you a story.........About a coastal ‘A’ road which has a recently reduced speed limit of 30 mph and a record of 6 nonfatal metal crunches in the last few years. The section has a downgrade to a tricky bend.
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Croeso Cymru by Arrive Alive

Croeso Cymru by Arrive Alive - Bank holiday Monday Llanfair PG. Another abusive of speed cameras. In this case, deliberately aimed at Tourists on their way home after spending their money in OUR businesses.
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Uninsured driving is out of control.

Uninsured driving is out of control. (30/09/05)
DfT plans, announced today for a 'crackdown' on uninsured driving via the registration records won't work says Safe Speed. The DfT report is at:

With an estimated 1.4 million uninsured drivers menacing our roads the government foolishly intends to address the problem via vehicle records.

But most uninsured vehicles are improperly registered an
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