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Winston Roddick elected as North Wales police and crime commissioner

Winston Roddick elected as North Wales police and crime commissioner

The QC began his career as a police constable in Liverpool before becoming a barrister and has been a crown court recorder. After his victory, Mr Roddick said he was aware of the "big challenge ahead".

"I hope I'm up to the challenge and I hope that I will get the assistance from the interested groups that has been promised,"

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Police Commissioner Election North Wales

At last we have an opportunity to influence policing policy and performance in North Wales.

The PPP have been campaigning for over 8 years for Proper Policing in North Wales and elsewhere in the UK.

Our website tells you what we still believe in. For 8 years we were virtually ignored by the Police Authority which was paid to represent the people. This failed system is to be replaced by a new team led by a Police Commissioner. If we didn't vote on the day, we missed another opportunity to exercise our democratic right. IF WE DON'T USE IT WE COULD EVENTUALLY LOSE IT!


Daily Express Monday January 3,2011 By George Whelan
POLICE forces were last night accused of treating millions of innocent people ‘like common criminals’ by secretly storing their data when they report a crime. Forces across England and Wales have amassed a hoard of records on people who dialled 999 or non-emergency numbers to pass on information.
Freedom of Information figures reveal forces which hold records on innocent callers include Lancashire with about 600,000 and North Wales with 302,754.
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North Wales Police Blasted By IPCC

Story via the Police Oracle 08-Jul-10
The Independent Police Complaints Commission independent investigation into North Wales Police’s response to concerns for the welfare of Brita Burns, who was found dead, found both individual and corporate failure, with officers failing in their duties and deficient force procedures and policies. The Coroner's narrative verdict of death by misadventure at the Inquest found that the deceased took an overdose and alcohol to draw attention to herself.
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Police Commissioners

Elected Individuals ‘Will Hire and Fire Chiefs’.This story via The Police Oracle 29-Jun-2010

Home Secretary Theresa May has confirmed the government will begin pushing through legislation to replace police authorities with directly elected individuals later this year.

Despite strong criticism from some senior officers and opposition MPs, May told the APA-ACPO conference in Manchester that a single post would be created in each force and those elected would have the power to hire and fire chief constables.
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Gareth Pritchard appointed ACC

North Wales Police Authority has appointed Gareth Pritchard as its new Assistant Chief Constable.
Gareth, who had been the Temporary Chief Constable for North Wales Police for 9 months, brings to the role a depth of experience gained over 26 years with the Force. From 1998 to 2003 he served as a Chief Inspector and Superintendent in the Operational Support Division where he was responsible for armed response vehicles, firearms team, roads policing. From 2003 to 2008 he was the Divisional Commander for the Western Division.
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Police overtime has nearly doubled in 10 years

Overtime payments in England and Wales rose by around 90% between 1999 and 2009, hitting £400m last year, according to the Centre for Crime and Justice Studies. The increase came as the number of officers reached an all-time high of 142,151 in 2009: 15,337 higher than a decade ago. Researchers said overall policing costs had also grown by almost 50% over the 10-year period, from £98bn to £14.5bn. There is a wide variation between forces in the size of their overtime bills ....
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The Police watch dog growls

Costs criticism for ex-police chief Richard Brunstrom
Ex-North Wales Police chief Richard Brunstrom has been criticised over costs incurred under his leadership.
It came as North Wales Police Authority (NWPA) backed a decision to scrap the mounted unit at a cost of £132,000. The mounted unit will cost £132,000 to scrap, mainly in rent paid to the National Trust at Erddig.
Chris Drew, NWPA member, said it was estimated around £1m was spent on the section since it was set up in 2007 in line with PPP estimates 4 years ago
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The new HMIP report card scheme needs improving

The new report card scheme rolled out by Her Majesty’s Inspectorate of Constabulary needs improving if it is to accurately show how Forces are performing. Peter Fahy – Chief Constable of Greater Manchester Police – admitted in an interview that the initiative was “a good attempt” at showing the complexities of policing but he did not believe it showed the public the full picture. He told “Policing is clearly a very complex business and you have to ask questions about how you report results in a document ..
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NWPF switchboard is beating most targets

Emergency 999 calls … Emergency calls 242/day or 10/hr = one every 6 minutes
target is to answer 92% within 10 secs 96.3% In Target
Total Non-emergency calls YTD 423,441 or 1160/day or 48/hour = one every 1.25 minutes
The target is to answer 91% within 40 secs 93.3% within Target
The above stats are from the latest management information on the NWPF website. We must compliment the staff and system managers on a job well done.
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ANPR National Day of Action

16-Mar-2010 ACPO report on impressive national figures. Police made 249 arrests and seized 431 vehicles using Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR) equipment during a national day of action last Friday (12 March 2010). results during the day included the recovery of a large bag of cannabis from a vehicle which led to a house search and the discovery of a cannabis factory.A stolen vehicle with false number plates that is thought to have been involved in several burglaries and the discovery of 40,000 contraband cigarettes
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NWPF continue with Operation Focus

This story current on NWPF website 26/02/10
At the request of Chief Constable Mark Polin, a review of Operation Focus and associated tactics was undertaken. That review concluded that Operation Focus has been a great success and has contributed greatly to the tremendous reductions seen in the number of motorcyclists killed or seriously injured. Despite the success of the 2009 operation more needs to be done to protect the interests of the law abiding responsible rider in line with the ACPO Motorcycle Enforcement Strategy.
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NWPA meeting dates 2010

These meetings are all open to the public.
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NWPA Chief Executive, To £90,000 pa

North Wales Police Authority
The bridge between community and force Will have a vacancy for a … Chief Executive, To £90,000 pa.
We work closely in partnership with North Wales Police to make sure that the people who live here are policed in the way they expect - and the way they deserve.
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Learning the Lessons Committee

The Learning the Lessons Committee is a multi-agency committee established to disseminate and promote learning across the police service. Its members are: ACPO, APA, Home Office, IPCC, HMIC and the NPIA. The Committee produces bulletins with articles containing lessons from investigations. A major theme running through several of the cases, however, is the importance of effective liaison, not only with other agencies but between Forces and within Forces.
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North Wales Police Authority

Dates of Meetings for 2010
The following meetings are open to the public:-

It is your priviledge to attend and witness how the business of managing North Wales Police is carried out by the Authority. This costs you over £500k/annum from Policing funds. We need the public to get involved
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British style of policing lost in deluge of New Labour targets

Daily mail By Rebecca Camber 26th November 2009
Denis O'Connor, Her Majesty's chief Inspector of Constabulary hit out at the 'noise and clutter' of new laws, benchmarks and initiatives under Labour which have destroyed the ethos of frontline policing. He said too many new laws had left police officers confused about their duties and uncertain about when to use force. He told The Daily Telegraph: 'The principles of policing get drowned out in the noise.
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Police turn a blind eye to one third of all crime

Daily mail By Stephen Wright on 23rd November 2009
Police chose not to investigate more than 1.5million reported crimes last year. Offences dismissed by officers included sex attacks, robberies, drug use, fraud as well as large numbers of burglaries and thefts. Around a third of all cases were deemed unsolvable hours after an allegation was made in a process known as 'screening out'.Among 18 English, Welsh & Scottish forces operating official screening out policies, 697,000 offences went uninvestigated during in 2008/9.

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Carry on Screening

Carry on Screening? Courtesy of JOHNNO HILLS at REAL POLICING Monday, 12 November 2007
In yesterday's Sunday Telegraph, I was invited to write an analysis on the practice of 'screening out' of criminal offences. Screening out concerns the telephone resolution of offences where it can be established at the time of the initial report whether or not there are any potential lines of inquiry. In the absence of CCTV, witnesses or forensic evidence, forces have taken to screening out offences such as burglary and theft ...
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Every policeman should have a degree

Mail on Sunday By Rebecca Camber 19th November 2009
Greater Manchester Police chief Peter Fahy & ACPO lead on workforce development, has called for new police officers to have degrees before they start on the beat. The Chief Constable of Greater Manchester Police, who has a degree in French and Spanish from Hull University & a masters in Human Resource Strategy, says police need to be better educated if they want greater status in society. He was speaking at a Greater Manchester Police Federation meeting.
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Police expected to assume a criminal justice role

This story courtesy of the Police Oracle and the Sunday Times.
The Director of Public Prosecutions, Keir Starmer QC, expressed concern at the way the system of "out of court" penalties had developed in an "incoherent way" and is being used to deal with violent criminals and burglars. Sir Paul Stephenson, the Metropolitan police commissioner said he wanted more criminals, particularly violent offenders, to be brought before magistrates. There is now a case to be made for a review, Starmer said in an interview in the Times.
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Chief Constable's Blogs April 2007

23rd Performance Review of Eastern Division. A three hour meeting, going through in some detail their results with senior colleagues. This is a very testing process, with a lot of number crunching. This process takes place three times a year with each Division. 24th Meeting in Blackfriars London. I am there to Chair a meeting of the PentiP Board. We are producing a new penalty notice processing system for the UK. Penalty notices were brought in to provide a quick simple and non-bureaucratic means of dealing with offences.
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By Paul Jeeves Daily Express November 12th 2009
A CASH-strapped police force has come under fire for “obscene” bonus payments of £18million in the last five years. South Yorkshire officers were rewarded for what was described as “competence-related” achievements. These include achieving good results, showing commitment to the job and developing good relations with the public.Around 1,400 officers a year qualified for the payments of up to £5,000 a time. Another £82,380 was paid to bobbies faced with difficult tasks.
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Association of Police Authorities Annual Conference 2009

Leading through Challenging Times, the Association of Police Authorities Annual Conference 2009, encourages delegates to participate in a wide range of innovative and thought-provoking activities designed to shape the future of policing. Once again an influential audience of key policing leaders, decision and policy makers will be considering, debating and presenting on latest policing issues. The conference will cover a wide range of areas including sessions on:The Policing and Crime Bill & Counter-terrorism .
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Mother trailed by policeman and warned by council

By Jonathan Petre Mail on Sunday 8th November 2009
A mother who reprimanded her children at a supermarket was secretly followed by an off-duty policeman and interrogated by fellow officers who reported her to social services.
The 34-year-old, who has had no previous problems with the police, was horrified when she was visited at home by two uniformed officers six weeks after the incident.
They said she had been seen by the off-duty officer who had trailed the family to their house – a 15-minute walk away
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Ex. MET officer involved in Menezes fiasco joins IPCC management board.

Ex. MET officer involved in Menezes fiasco joins IPCC management board.
This story courtesy of the Police Oracle newsletter
A top Scotland Yard officer who was personally criticised for failings in the Jean Charles de Menezes shooting has been appointed to the leadership of the Independent Police Complaints Commission. Commander Moir Stewart will be the IPCC's new director of investigations and a member of its management board.The Menezes family said Stewart's appointment was "shocking".

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Ex-traffic officer makes £1million a year out drivers who speed

Ex-traffic officer is making £1million a year out of courses for drivers who speed
By Robert Mendick Mail online on 03rd March 2009
A former traffic policeman is making a fortune running courses for drivers caught speeding.
Chris Howell, pictured, and his wife Philippa received a £1.3million dividend last year from DriveTech, a firm he set up after leaving Thames Valley police. Safety conscious senior ACPO officers are concerned about the profits being generated by courses run by Chris Howell's company DriveTech.
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Armed Police Plan Angers Met Authority

The Police Oracle 23-Oct-09
Metropolitan police plans for units armed with submachine guns to patrol areas of London plagued by violent drug gangs have thrown the capital's police authority into turmoil.In a break with the traditional image of the unarmed bobby on the beat, a team of 18 constables, led by an inspector and two sergeants, will be deployed to serve as a deterrent to gangs in heavy crime areas such as Brixton and Haringey.The officers - some on motorbikes - will be armed with Heckler & Koch MP5 submachine guns
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North Wales Police spends £209k on private security,at their HQ

Oct 19 2009 by Martin Williams, Daily Post
The force paid out £209,488 on security guards for its Colwyn Bay base between December 2007 and June of this year. Politicians have condemned police for wasting tax payers’ cash on guarding an empty three-storey building when the money should be used guarding the public. Despite the Abergele Road building being ravaged by fire in April 2008, they argued the blaze was accidental and did not warrant police spending more on security during the £3.4m refurbishment.

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Precis from NWPF helilog ex website from 22/05/09 to 09/09/09

The PPP comments … . we report this information as of interest to members of the force doing more mundane or difficult tasks and for members of the public in North Wales who pay for this expensive and high profile asset. We are not qualified to comment on it’s value for money or it’s priorities. We do appreciate and support the principle of sharing the use and costs of this asset with neighbouring police forces

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22% increase in complaints in North Wales from 319 to 390.

Sep 25 2009 Daily Post
ONE of the reasons for an increase in complaints against North Wales Police is an improvement in how complaints are recorded and the willingness of the public to report matters. New figures from the Independent Police Complaints Commission (IPCC) about complaints against the 43 police forces of England and Wales, showed a 22% increase in complaints in North Wales from 319 (2007/8) to 390 (2008/9). Rudeness, neglect of duty and failure of duty made up 42% of complaints against NWP.

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101 is the new number for contacting North Wales police

Contacting North Wales Police has never been easier. Simply dial 101 for all non emergency calls.
101 is the new, easy to remember, 24 hour police non emergency number for Wales and its introduction is the biggest change in the way people can contact the police since 999 was introduced in the 1940s.

101 was launched in April and up to the end of August, North Wales Police received nearly 11,000 calls on the new number. During the same period, 3,489 fewer 999 calls were received.

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1000s of Motorcyclists join N.Wales protest

3,000 bikers 'reclaim North Wales'
Sep 14 2009 by Owen R Hughes, Daily Post
BIKERS descended on North Wales in their thousands to campaign against “heavy-handed” policing.The mass ride saw up to 3,000 motorcyclists ride through the region to display their anger at “over-zealous” officers. Police said the day passed off well but said there were five crashes connected to bikers attending the rally.One smash saw a motorcyclist airlifted to Wrexham Maelor Hospital by the Wales Air Ambulance after a crash on the A494 between B
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Mark Polin is new North Wales Chief Constable

Daily Post Sep 10 2009 By Owen Hughes
Mark Polin, who is currently Deputy Chief Constable of Gloucestershire, will replace controversial ex-chief Richard Brunstrom, who retired in July. The 46-year-old father-of-two was chosen yesterday by the North Wales Police Authority following a rigorous selection procedure. Mr Polin entered the Police Service in 1983 joining the City of London Police, where he rose to the rank of Chief Inspector. In 1998 he transferred to Gwent Police as Superintendent.

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Chief Constable £129,759 /annum+

Chief Constable £129,759 (plus benefits and generous relocation package)

Are you the right candidate for the job? If so, we can offer you the opportunity to live in the best
place in the UK. As well as the unique blend of policing challenges, North Wales has a rich mix of
breath-taking scenery, history and culture providing a quality of life second to none.

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What is the last Chief's legacy

Brunstrom & weapons & uniforms. Under his influence NWPF now look and behave like a paramilitary force and over react to any incident, such as student protests in Beaumauris or a stray calf in Mold. He was the most enthusiastic supporter (or originator) of the proposal to issue TASERs to many more officers. He used Police and PA time and facilities and his own working time to campaign for the legalisation of class A drugs against the clearly stated policy of the government. Federation survey showed serious levels of stress
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The Essex Police Financial Model

Operation Apex has been championed by the Police Federation and many more as an example of good management practice. The approach has caused some controversy among ACPO members but it may well be a route that other senior officers will have to consider. Essex Chief Constable, Roger Baker launched Operation Apex in September 2008 after an agreement with the Police Authority to allow the force to find funding for an additional 600 police officers. The force has raised £10,600,000 to date which has funded an additional 212 PCs.
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North Wales Police Authority Targets for 09/10

Annual Priority Ref Indicator Target 09/10 Notes
Improving the safety of children, young people and other vulnerable people
10 Young person victim (17 and under) sanctioned detection rate 45%
11 Victims aged 65 and older sanctioned detection rate 18%
12 Reduce the number of collisions involving young drivers resulting in fatality/injury -10%
13 Reduce Repeat Victimisation of Individuals (12 months to Nov 08) -10%
14 Successful prosecutions for domestic abuse 892 (+10% on projected 2008/09 year end of 811)

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Police Federation of England and Wales’ Annual Conference 2009.

Chairman's opening address...We often lose sight of what is important in policing; we need to get back to basics. Policing should be led by what communities demand not by political and management motives. It should not be forgotten that public service is at the heart of policing, which is why this year’s annual conference is entitled ‘Policing for the People'. The Government’s continual onslaught to de-skill the police service is relentless & must stop. Decisions to reduce life sentences are an insult to all police officers.
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ACPO Lead On Public Order interviewed

In light of the recent intense media coverage of public order policing, Police Oracle interviewed DCC Sue Sim, ACPO lead for Public Order and Public Safety....How do you think recent press coverage of major public order events affects the morale of frontline officers? There is no doubt that recent press coverage has affected the morale of officers, particularly those trained as public order officers. It is important to remember that during the policing of the G20, the large majority of officers acted appropriately ...
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One of our supporters drew our attention to the following document (link below) which we think should be critically studied by anybody with concerns about the erosion of our democracy from within and via the EU. In my Council Tax demand the Police Summary said, and I quote. "Terrorism and Domestic Extremism - During 2007/08, much attention has been focussed on enhancing protection of the key economic sights (SITES?)in the Force area. Work undertaken is not solely focussed on the threat posed from International terrorists.
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The Corporate Manslaughter and Homicide Act 2007

For the first time, companies and organisations can be found guilty of corporate manslaughter as a result of serious management failures resulting in a gross breach of a duty of care. Companies and organisations should keep their health and safety management systems under review, in particular, the way in which their activities are managed and organised by senior management. Legal responsibilities of employers. Health and safety law states that organisations must: assess risks to employees, customers....

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Violence and Aggression against NHS staff

The following information is from the Trust’s website FOI section and indicates part of the cost of NOT PROPERLY POLICING Ysbyty Gwynedd, one of our three main Hospitals. WE REPEAT YET AGAIN … CCTV footage of crimes being committed is not what we need we need prevention and deterrence by an effective police presence. This is an expensive (£500k+/annum) classic example of treating the symptoms of a problem.Financial Year 2007/08 326 assault incidents have been recorded & 6, 1.8% incidents were recorded as major & 27 moderate.
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UPDATE The IPCC really is it a toothless watchdog !

MPs have criticised the effectiveness of the police complaints watchdog in monitoring its own recommendations, claiming systems for checking the quality of its work were "conspicuously absent". The Commons Public Accounts Committee (PAC) said the Independent Police Complaints Commission (IPCC) had "limited" evidence of the impact of its own work as responsibility for monitoring was unclear
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Big rise in violent crime on Anglesey

Apr 23 2009 Daily Post VIOLENT crime rose by more than 12% across the region in the first three months of 2009 – including a huge jump of 44% on Anglesey. In total 90 more violent incidents happened on the island from January to March 2009, compared to the same three months the previous year. In parts of Holyhead the statistics are far worse with the Morawelon ward showing a 154.5% increase and Kingsland close behind, with a 137.5% rise.
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Inquest on teenager who froze to death over 5 yrs ago

A POLICE officer who refused a drunken teenager with no shoes a lift has said he would make the same decision again even though that young man later froze to death. Lee Sellers, 17, asked the officer, at the roundabout at the A550 in January 2004, to take him to his Lymegrove home in Buckley. But Officer A, who was giving evidence anonymously at a Wrexham inquest on Tuesday, said there were rules and reregulations about taking people in police vehicles. Lee went missing that night and two weeks later his body was found.
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North Wales Police Authority Job Profiles

We have based this document on the PA’s recently published Job profiles. We have pasted in our views on the key issues that we have highlighted. The PA text is incomplete but verbatim. This overly long document is so, primarily due to repetition. Appendix A -Summary of the Role and Responsibilities of a Police Authority. Member's role. To hold the Chief Officer to account for the Policing Service delivered within the area. We believe that Brunstrom was never held accountable for any of his failures or unprofessional behavior
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North Wales Police … A Professional Development Day

A police professional development day aimed especially at women has been hailed a success. Held at Venue Cymru in Llandudno yesterday (Wednesday 8th April), the Professional Development Day was organised and hosted by the Women’s Association of North Wales Police and was an opportunity for all women officers to have a taste of the different roles available to them within North Wales Police. The day was organised in the style of a career fair where there was an opportunity to discuss specialization, promotion, fitness, etc.
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This extract is to highlight a major conclusion ignored by the Police Authority. The theme of accountability was in some ways the most controversial area of discussion insofar as it led many to focus on the role of the Chief Constable in particular. While it was recognised, of course, that this position is not unique to North Wales, some quite informed people doubted whether – within such a centralised and hierarchic structure – this Chief Constable could ever receive critical or objective advice .....
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North Wales Police Authority structure

This document is verbatim from the PA website March 2009 and describes the committee structure that is used to conduct the business of the Authority. The Chairs and Vice chairs of the various committees are also noted i.e who is responsible for the decisions that are made and the quality and effectiveness of the monitoring of the NWPF performance. This should be read in conjunction with the other PPP articles on the Police authority and from their own website which is one click away via our links, your PA represenative and their contact information is also listed via our links.
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Inquiry into police chiefs' £18m-a-year private firm

Jason Lewis Mail on Sunday March 1st 2009.
Under scrutiny: ACPO is facing demands for reform. The Home Office has launched an internal inquiry into its funding of Britain's most powerful policing body, the Association of Chief Police Officers, after The Mail on Sunday disclosed it was being run as a private business earning £18million a year. Officials at all major departments have been asked to draw up a detailed list of what money they gave the organisation during the past three years.
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Police Chiefs PLC cashes in again

ACPO will earn millions from the 'retraining' of drivers caught breaking the speed limit
Britain's most powerful policing organisation has set up a private company to cash in on its own orders to send speeding drivers on retraining courses. The Association of Chief Police Officers (ACPO) has told all police forces that from April hundreds of thousands of motorists should be sent on Speed Awareness Schemes rather than receiving penalty points and fines. At the same time it has set up a new company which will earn millions ..
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UK Police Force Structure is Obsolete

Police forces in England and Wales are the most expensive in the world but risk losing the battle against rapidly changing crime without dramatic reform, a report has said. The report, A New Force, found the current 43 forces operate as inefficient and expensive fiefdoms run by chief constables who are only accountable to weak police authorities.
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CCTV camera in Police CANTEEN

Police accused of wasting money after fitting CCTV camera in their own CANTEEN to catch officers who don't wash up
By Daily Mail Reporter 19th February 2009
'Grimewatch': Police are furious that they will be watched on their breaks
Police have installed a CCTV camera in their own canteen to catch officers who don't wash up.
After numerous complaints from tidy officers, police chiefs finally decided to address the 'abuse' and have arranged for a CCTV camera to be installed above the kitchen sink.

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ACPO response to article in the Mail on Sunday

Ref:32/09 February 15, 2009 This complex story raises a huge range of issues many of which involve GRAVE conflicts of interest and levels of nepotism and cronyism of a political scale. We believe they require a political solution. For years we have been unhappy about ACPO in general and Chief Officers like Brunstrom and Wolfendale locally and Blair and Co in the Met. being seemingly out of control and a law unto themselves.Responding to an article concerning ACPO in the Mail on Sunday, ACPO President Ken Jones said:....

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Police sergeant denies the speed was inappropriate after 115mph M4 crash

Craig Bannister denies the speed was inappropriate after 115mph M4 crash

A police sergeant who crashed his patrol car on the M4 has gone on trial accused of dangerous driving. Craig Bannister is said to have been driving at 115mph when he lost control of his BMW in "appalling" weather conditions near Llangyfelach, Swansea. A Cardiff Crown Court jury heard the advanced driver was not on an emergency call when his car spun off the M4 and skidded 200 yards after hitting water. Sgt Bannister admits the crash was his fault ...
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Llandrillo Police Studies Open Day

This story from NWPF website and full details and YouTube video at the link in the article.An open day to promote a college policing course was hailed a success (Thursday 5th February). Hundreds of potential recruits attended the open day at Coleg Llandrillo Cymru's campus in Rhos-on-Sea where over thirty officers from all sections of North Wales Police were in attendance. A wide range of police vehicles were on display including the Helicopter & officers from the Roads Policing Unit, Arrive Alive and the Dog Section ...
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Report into CC Michael Todd's affars

AOL news 10 February 2009, A 'conduct' report on police chief Michael Todd has been released.
Tragic police chief Michael Todd's string of extra-marital affairs raised questions of his "integrity and judgment" but did not affect his job, a report has concluded. And the "failure" of the former Chief Constable of Greater Manchester Police to inform authorities of his affairs made him "potentially vulnerable" to compromise and damaged the image of the police, the report concluded. An investigation was launched after his death
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Vetting procedure for members of Police Authority

North Wales POLICE AUTHORITY 23rd January 2009. VETTING PROCEDURE FOR MEMBERS a report by the Chief Executive
On 31st October the Police Authority’s Standards Committee considered a procedure which I had drafted for security vetting all Members. The Standards Committee resolved to recommend the procedure to the Authority for approval. The Committee also asked me to raise the issue with the Association of Police Authorities and the Home Office. A copy of my report to the Standards Committee and the proposed procedure are s
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North Wales Police complaints up 76 percent

Feb 2 2009 By Tom Bodden Daily Post
FORMAL complaints against North Wales Police have soared over the last five years by 76% to 319 in 12 months. The findings prompted a warning by a former police officer that the special relationship between North Wales Police & the law-abiding public was beginning to break down. In Dyfed Powys, complaints more than doubled from 126 a year to 287 over the period and in Wales as a whole, complaints rose by 77% for the year 2007-08. According to the Independent Police Complaints Commission.
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Catching Britain’s biggest thieves

EVENTUALLY A TV program was broadcast on BBC1 on Tuesday 27th January 2009. You must watch it ...use the link.
This disturbing and gratuitous program glorified a family of travelers who lived by violence and theft and preyed on families and businesses across southern England. The government have empowered travelers to abuse and flout a whole range of planning regulations and blight whole communities right across the UK.
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Gay History Month

Assistant Chief Constable's Blog Friday, January 30. When I joined the police Service nearly 28 years ago gay officers were invisible and where they were known there was a real risk that their lives would be made miserable, hence officers and staff had to hide their identities, causing great distress. Although the Service could be described as a family it was not always functional; times have moved on and whilst things are far from perfect it is inspiring to see how many officers are now confident in their own sexuality ...
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ACPO comment on Chief Officer Bonuses

January 26, 2009 An ACPO spokesperson said:“It is a matter of record that ACPO president Sir Ken Jones has strongly and consistently criticised bonus payment to chief officers among developments which position them as employees of an authority in the eyes of the public and our partners. “Chiefs must only, in the final analysis, be answerable to the law and the law alone. They are office holders under the Crown – not employees. “This issue is a matter for individual chiefs and their authorities alone and not for ACPO ...
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NWPA Schedule of Meetings 2009

These meetings are open to the public.
It is your democratic right to attend these meetings and see at first hand how your representatives and the officers of the Authority conduct the management of North Wales police on your behalf …..they ALL work for you

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Operational Use of Taser

Version 3 - November 2008 PPP note…. This is a precis of the ACPO guidelines NOTE section 4.5
by Authorised Firearms Officers 3.2 ACPO considers that Taser may be issued alongside other existing personal safety tactical options. If justifiable and necessary it could be selected and used by trained officers facing violence or threats of violence of such severity that they will need to use force to protect the public, themselves and/or the subject(s) 4.2 The following principles will apply ...
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North Wales Police Freedom of Information

The information below is currently on the NWPF website as of January 26th 2009.
Welcome to the North Wales Police Freedom of Information Responses website. This online resource is a record of responses to requests received under the Freedom of Information Act 2000 and the Environmental Information Regulations 2004. Making these responses available to the wider community will provide a greater understanding of the work of North Wales Police plus the type of information North Wales Police holds.
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Police Authority meeting in Old Colwyn

This article is courtesy of the Old Colwyn East Residents Association
A Police Authority public consultation meeting on the 22nd January in Old Colwyn was apparently designed to seek an answer to an apparent conundrum where according to the police sources reported crime is going down and sanctioned detections are going up but conversely the so called Fear of Crime is very high. Old Colwyn East Residents submitted a letter for consideration.
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Thirteen North Wales police have a criminal record.

Jan 19 2009 by Gareth Hughes, Daily Post
THIRTEEN serving police officers in North Wales have criminal convictions, it has been revealed. In response to a Freedom of Information enquiry North Wales Police have reported that six of the convictions occurred before the officers joined the regional force, the other seven since doing so. Three of the 13 are sergeants, whose convictions are for assault, common assault and possession of a controlled drug. The constables’ offences range from speeding and owning a dangerous dog ..
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1565 officers and 955 staff and additional 73 planned and a Total cost of over £154 million or £550/household
The Chief Constable and Deputy Chief Constable are not obliged to be included within a bonus scheme, but have both opted to be included.The Assistant Chief Constable is obliged to be included, but until be reaches the top of his pay scale any bonus awards are reflected in annual increments.
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North Wales Police -- Bonus Payments 2007/8

The PPP comments … a very good year for the Senior Officers
Deputy Chief Constable £9,796.43 and Chief Constable £14,249.07

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The Nine Principles of Policing

'General Instructions', first published in 1829, which were issued to every member of the Metropolitan Police, especially the emphasis on prevention of crime as the most important duty of the police.
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North Wales Police taser suicidal Llandudno pensioner

Jan 13 2009 by Owen R Hughes, Daily Post
POLICE Tasered an 89-year-old pensioner with a 50,000 volt stun gun after he threatened to cut his own throat with broken glass. Officers were called to Abbey Road, Llandudno at 6.30am on Saturday after reports the elderly man, believed to be suicidal, had absconded from a care home in the town. He was found on the quiet residential street where officers say he was threatening to cut his own throat. Fearing he would commit suicide they fired the stun gun, knocking him to the ground.
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31-year-old man died after being shot with the Taser

The matter has been referred to the Independent Police Complaints Commission.
Police said last night that Mr Petty, who has recently been released from a psychiatric unit, wounded himself after being shot with the Taser.

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Doubts cast on North Wales Police crime figures

Jan 1 2009 by Richard Evans, North Wales Weekly News
A RETIRED police inspector has hit out at North Wales Police and the Police Authority for trying to “hoodwink” the public over crime figures. Former police officer David Curtis has slammed the police for claiming crime is falling and the public are wrong to be fearful of crime. His criticism follows a claim by North Wales Police Authority that crime has fallen by 15% and public perception of crime is far worse than statistics reflect.
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Policing North Wales Chief Officers Current Blogs

Silent Night by Chief Constable Brunstrom --- PPP highlights
I spent New Year’s Eve out on patrol in Wrexham, as is my wont. The evening was remarkably quiet with very little happening in the town centre. There are two reasons for this, I think. Firstly, the night time economy there is now extremely well run after some years of joint effort by the police and local authority.
Reflections in the Water by DCC Wolfendale --- 2009 promises to be an interesting year. Whilst in Pwllheli this week I was moved to ponder .....
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The North Wales police authority current allowances

The current Scheme of Basic and Special Responsibility Allowances from 01/09/08 is as follows:

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Racist survey by NWPF and the PA

The survey/questionaire below is currently on the NWPA website at under ‘consultations’North Wales Police and Police Authority in collaboration with Cheshire Constabulary and Authority, want to hear what you think about race equality in order to inform the development of Race Equality Schemes. If you live or work in Cheshire or North Wales, please spend a few moments answering the following questions:- 1. What could the police do to improve how we deal with race crime or incidents?

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Police set to step up hacking of home PCs

David Leppard The Sunday Times January 4, 2009
THE Home Office has quietly adopted a new plan to allow police across Britain routinely to hack into people’s personal computers without a warrant. The move, which follows a decision by the European Union’s council of ministers in Brussels, has angered civil liberties groups and opposition MPs. They described it as a sinister extension of the surveillance state which drives “a coach and horses” through privacy laws. The hacking is known as “remote searching”.
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Bean counters are letting real criminals off the hook

Dec 6 2008 by Gareth Hughes, Daily Post
A SENIOR North Wales police officer has called on his bosses to stand up to the Home Office and do away with the obsession with “performance” which is losing public support.The outspoken comments by Inspector Steve Williams, chairman of the Inspectors’ Board of the North Wales Police Federation, follow two recent surveys.In these officers expressed huge dissatisfaction and frustration at what they described as the “bean-counting” policies which prevented them providing a real service
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Chief Constable's Blog Dec 09

Police elections? Posted Wednesday, December 24, 2008 10:11 AM by CC
Events in the Metropolitan Police have grabbed the headlines for months, a trend which shows no sign of slowing down any time soon. Out of the brouhaha has already emerged one development of value – in the wake of the forced departure of Ian Blair as Commissioner the Home Secretary has cancelled the silly plan to introduce direct elections to Police Authorities. Unfortunately withdrawing the relevant clauses from the Police and Crime Bill ...

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Wanted A Deputy Chief Constable for Wales Central Services

Salary: £103,476 per annum plus relocation and benefits
Dyfed Powys Police Authority, on behalf of the Police Authorities of Wales, is looking for a Deputy Chief Constable to lead the All Wales Collaboration Programme.
The person will assist the Police Authorities of Wales in progressing a multi-faceted collaborative agenda and will work for the four Chief Constables of Wales in respect of progressing both operational and strategic matters.The person must be: Passionate and enthusiastic, who has the vision and ....
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Latest News and views from ACPO

The PPP comments. They apparently never learn but regularly trot out the ‘lessons have been learnt’ response. The Times reveals that a wanted terrorist is advising them on terrorist issues and his profile is on the Interpol Website. Compare this with the bxxxxxt under ACPO’s comments on the Magee Review. What checks did they carry out BEFORE employing a foreign national from an Islamic country on such a sensitive subject … the mind boggles. No wonder they jumped on Damian Green who had discovered numerous similar cases.
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New head of roads policing

Mick Giannasi joined Gwent Police in April 2005 as Deputy Chief Constable and in September 2008 was promoted to Chief Constable where he has overall responsibility for Leadership and Direction of Policing Services in Gwent.

The ACPO website states that CC Giannasi is now head of the road policing area, previously Meredith Hughes’ area of irresponsibility.

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North Wales Police Management information bulletin Sept.2008

This detailed report is worth studying and will require some interpretation particularly of their terminology and jargon. The YTD and LYTD trends seem ‘strange’ at face value. Give you local Inspector a call and query anything of interest about your own area.
NOTE there are 8 pages of data about their fuel usage and carbon emissions. NOT OUR MOST pressing concern!.

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FAW to investigate crowd trouble

The Welsh Premier League could play games behind closed doors as the Welsh FA investigate the crowd trouble that marred the North Wales derby. One supporter was allegedly injured and the police helicopter was scrambled as an estimated 50 fans clashed prior to Rhyl's win over Bangor at Farrar Road. FAW chief John Deakin. Said "Given the possibility of potential trouble between the clubs, I think playing games behind closed doors perhaps should be considered."
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The wages of sin

Up to ten 'lovers' of police chief Michael Todd offered paid leave during inquest.
Long before his lonely, tortured death on a Welsh mountainside, Mr Todd had become notorious in police circles for conducting a string of affairs. The full extent of his womanising began to emerge after it was revealed that Greater Manchester Police had offered paid leave for up to ten women employees known to have been in close contact with the former chief constable. GMP said last night: 'As an employer we have a duty of care....

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North Wales Police Authority meetings

North Wales Police Authority. Schedule of Meetings Autumn 2008
The following meetings are open to the public.
Are you interested in how the PA operates or influencing police priorities in North Wales?, then you should attend these meetings particularly the PACF meetings.
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Police Superintendents' Association Conference

PRESIDENT’S SPEECH Tuesday 16 September 2008
I would like to extend a very warm welcome to the Home Secretary Jacqui Smith, who is attending her second Police Superintendents’ Association of England and Wales Conference. I would like to thank the Home Secretary for attending this afternoon and for travelling to Chester immediately after this mornings’ Cabinet Meeting. Tomorrow, Conference will be addressed by the Police Minister Tony McNulty who will be attending his third consecutive Conference.
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ACPO response to plan for 3600 community crime fighters

ACPO response to Home Secretary announcement on plan for 3600 community crime fighters
Responding to the Home Secretary’s announcement to give more funds to tackling crime in local communities, Chief Constable Matt Baggott Leicestershire Police and ACPO lead on Neighbourhood Policing said: “The endorsement of a £5million fund to help local people train to work with police in tackling crime in their neighbourhoods is a testament to the success of the ACPO-led renaissance of local policing.
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Terrorism cell data stick missing

West Midlands Police are investigating the loss of a data memory stick. West Midlands Police said it could not comment on the contents of the device, but local media reports suggested it held "top-secret information on terror suspects".
A force spokeswoman said: "We can confirm West Midlands Police is investigating the loss of a data memory stick. We are conducting searches in an attempt to recover the lost item. We will not comment in relation to the contents of that memory stick. A Birmingham Mail report on Monday.
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Public confidence in the police has been damaged by the use of too many speed cameras, a senior officer said today. Ian Johnston, President of the Police Superintendents' Association, now wants to see a review into the ‘unfair’ use of Gatsos because the public do not believe they are effective in road safety. 'One of the most negative aspects of how the public view the police is the use of speed cameras,' he said in extracts of a speech released ahead of the association's annual conference next week
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Woman left scared by North Wales Police research call

Sep 11 2008 by Kelly Fenna, Daily Post
AN elderly woman was left in fear after a market researcher claiming to be from the police phoned and asked if there were any men living with her. The 88-year-old from Rhuddlan was so scared a burglar was on the line she has since repeatedly checked that her windows and doors were locked. In fact, the clumsy call WAS genuine – an attempt by North Wales Police to find out what residents thought of the quality of their service. The pensioner was one of a number of residents quizzed.
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North Wales Police officers suffer low morale says survey

Sep 9 2008 by Tom Bodden, Daily Post
POLICE officers have lashed out at a “points mean prizes” culture in the North Wales force which they believe has sapped morale and compromised the quality of policing. A survey of more than 500 officers reveals many feel overburdened by bureaucracy and encouraged to concentrate on issuing tickets rather than properly investigate crimes. Officers rated their morale as very low and were critical of the quality of service they provided the public.

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Centre mooted to break barriers

NORTH Wales Police are backing the creation of a language and cultural reconciliation centre to try to cut crime rates caused by language and cultural differences. If the centre at Nant Gwrtheyrn near Pwllheli becomes a reality it will emphasise the region’s different languages and cultures. The idea is to help sort out social problems that arise because of the use of different languages - and fostering respect towards different languages, including Welsh.

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Have you experienced homophobic hate crime

The PPP quote Brunstrom. I attended a really uplifting launch of a booklet. How you might well ask, can I get inspired by a booklet? Good question – have I really turned into that much of an anorak? Perhaps, or perhaps not – you’ll have to judge for yourself.There were several really good things about our launch. I was very proud to be sharing a public stage, in police uniform, declaring that the police and other criminal justice agencies really can be counted upon to treat homophobic hate crime seriously.
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North Wales Police morale levels at a new low

Jul 14 2008 by Carl Butler, Daily Post.
POLICE inspectors in North Wales are so stressed out some of them are avoiding people and struggling to cope with the job. A shock survey put the force’s 92 inspectors and chief inspectors amongst the most stressed out and discontented in the country – with some even having difficulty concentrating and listening to people. The independent “well-being at work” survey of all 44 police forces carried out for the Police Federation, puts North Wales in 43rd place.

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Contempt probe over North Wales Police tape

THE Attorney General has been called in to consider issuing contempt of court proceedings after a drugs case collapsed because Sky TV broadcast footage of an arrest.The TV company was sold the tape of the arrest of a Wrexham man by North Wales Police – before the trial. Sky then aired the film as part of its fly-on-the-wall Night Cops TV series. The film also showed his home, and was overlaid with a commentary.
The case was dropped at Caernarfon Crown Court last month amid fears that the man would't get a fair trial.
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Area Inspector Andrew Williams is leaving Holyhead

His last website blog follows …
It is about the right time for me to announce the worst kept secret in Holyhead. I will be leaving the district at the beginning of August to take up a temporary promotion to Chief Inspector, based at Caernarfon. I will still have a working responsibility for Holyhead. However, this is shared with the other 6 districts in the Western area of the force. My successor is Inspector Nigel Harrison who has served in Holyhead both as a constable and as sergeant, so he is very familiar with the area.
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Chief Constable's Blog Posted Thursday June 26 2008

On Tuesday the Deputy Chief Constable and I held the last two sessions of our ‘Roadshow 2008’, at ‘Y Stiwt’ (a very splendid Victorian meeting hall) in the old mining village of Rhosllannerchrugog near Wrexham. This Roadshow has been a very considerable undertaking – we have set out, as we do every other year, to see the whole of our staff in groups of 50-100 in order to discuss developments in policing in North Wales. We have 2597 people at present (1593 police officers and 1004 police staff);
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North Wales Police Authority Public Meetings

The PACF meetings are consultation meetings with the public in these areas. Members of the public who are interested in influencing Police priorities or have a problem should attend these meetimgs. Usually the Police Authority member for their area will chair the meeting and the Superintendent and area Inspector and his seargeant and/or CBMs will be present.
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They are ALL making money from Speed cameras

South Yorkshire chief constable Meredydd Hughes, 49, was disqualified from driving for 42 days by Wrexham Magistrates yesterday. He pleaded guilty to driving at 90mph in a 60mph limit on the A5 at Halton near Chirk in May. Mr Hughes – formerly the Association of Chief Police Officers (ACPO) spokesman on roads policing, and a hardliner on speeding enforcement – did not attend the hearing but later admitted it was a “serious” speeding charge and apologised to the police & the public. ROAD SAFETY SUPPORT LIMITED & Med Hughes!
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NWPF hosts national wildlife course

The national ‘Wildlife and Environment Protection’ course, which is usually held in Essex, has been brought to North Wales to help increase officer knowledge about all aspects of wildlife crime. Sponsored by and in partnership with the Countryside Council for Wales, the course will equip officers with the latest information on a variety of topics including badger baiting, poisoning and the control of endangered species. Twenty officers are attending the course from various departments across the force, including CID & CBMs

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Flintshire community calls for police answers on shooting of bull

ON FRIDAY, November 16, last year Police shot dead a bullock which had escaped from Mold Market. Police marksmen concluded the animal was dangerous & shot it.During the incident, a bullet smashed through an office window of AGS Security Systems on Denbigh Road, next door to a conference room where eight people were involved in a meeting. NWPF said it was unable to comment as the incident was subject of an inquiry. The Chronicle has waited patiently for more than six months, NWPF will only say that "procedures were followed"
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The Fatal Five , NWPF Assistant CC’s Blog

The Fatal Five, NWPF Assistant CC’s Blog on May 22nd 2008
We remain completely committed to reducing death on the roads in North Wales and this Spring has seen a number of terrible collisions on our roads. We continue to work with our partners to help educate drivers and riders, look to improvements in engineering and to enforce the law in order to make our roads safer. Our approach to enforcement is targeted on offences that are most likely to lead to deaths or serious injuries – the “Fatal Five”; speeding; etc
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An investigation has found that over 2,000 motorists were wrongly accused of speeding after a speed camera was allegedly wrongly set up and paperwork incorrectly processed, it has been reported. It is understood that three members of Lancashire police staff, a speed camera operator and two processing unit staff are now facing disciplinary action over the incident.The Independent Police Complaints Commission investigation found that 2,115 tickets had to be cancelled and 545 convictions overturned £35,000 is being refunded.

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Deputy Chief Constable Wolfendale blogs whilst the HQ burns

A contractors blow torch is believed to have started a fire in the roof of the Police HQ in Colwyn Bay on Tuesday morning. Policing across north Wales is said to be unaffected by both incidents. Chief constable Richard Brunstrom, who was working out of the force area on Tuesday, said he was pleased everyone was evacuated safely. That leaves ACC Ian Shannon as the Man in Charge at the time as DCC Wolfendale was on a jolie in Boston. The outcome of the HSE investigation into this costly cock up will be interesting.
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Police weapon handover criticised by the IPCC

The BBC has seen details of the IPCC report which was completed last year. North Wales Police did not create an inventory of weapons handed in. Serious failings in the handling of weapons given to NWPF by the public for safe disposal have been highlighted in an internal report. The firearms registry in Prestatyn, Denbighshire, is the place where weapons handed in to police stations across north Wales by the public are sent for safe disposal. It said it was impossible to determine how many weapons had been destroyed.
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The reality of mounted police officers

North wales police's mounted unit now exists and has been seen in Wrexham. The controversy continues and the PPP cannot see any other reason for them other than as a PR gimmick and a distraction. Of course children love horses but what has that to do with real policing.
Only 12 of the UK's 42 police forces currently have mounted units and some of those are under threat. Nottingham's unit faces closure unless £450,000 in sponsorship can be raised. Staffordshire was the last force to close its mounted unit, in 2000.
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Ex-firearms manager takes force to tribunal

THE former licensing manager of the North Wales Police firearms unit is claiming that he was unfairly sacked by the force. Neil Smith also alleges that the force was guilty of breach of contract in the way he was dealt with during disciplinary proceedings last year. Mr Smith, 54, was dismissed from his civilian post following a court appearance in January last year when he pleaded guilty to having ammunition he was not licensed to keep.He was given a 12-month conditional discharge by Prestatyn magistrates.
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North Wales Police face cuts without tax hike

Jan 12 2008 by Daily Post. A RISE of anything less than 5% in the North Wales Police precept this coming year would mean further job losses, officers claimed at a public meeting yesterday. But the message received from the residents who turned up to the meeting in Bodelwyddan was that if inflation was no more than 3%, the precept should be no higher than this.At the only other meeting so far, in Beaumaris, the response was much the same as at Bodelwyddan.

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What are some of our Police Officers doing?

Chairing meetings (for 4 years) so that they can campaign for their pet policy of legalising classified drugs.
North Wales Substance Misuse Forum. Minutes of the meeting held on the 25th September 2007 in Probation Headquarters, Colwyn Bay at 2.00pm.He (Brunstrom)expressed his view that if more influential people/groups etc support this (the legalistion of all drugs)then it could help to influence the Home Office.

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The sad state of policing in North Wales

New Year bedlam on streets of North Wales, Richard Brunstrom - ecstasy is safer than aspirin, Cannabis farms on increase say North Wales police.
These three headlines show the sad state of policing in North Wales. Real, fully resourced, community policing will PREVENT crime and disorder. We know that one officer was on duty in Amlwch and at least 4 CCTV cameras cover the streets and pubs. BUT the attempted murder still occurred …. what else do we need to do? Does Brunstrom encourage his kids
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Someone may be watching YOU, who? and why?

THE SCALE of North Wales’ Big Brother-style surveillance operation is revealed today – with figures showing a massive £16m of taxpayers’ money was spent installing and monitoring around 500 CCTV surveillance cameras in the past decade. There are plans for dozens more in the pipeline, say officials who have so far spent £4.6m on cameras – and a further £11.3m monitoring them 24-hours a day – since 1997. Rural Gwynedd has the most cameras with 102 now in place, followed by 95 in Conwy and 87 in W
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Seasons greetings to all our readers and supporters

Seasons greetings to all our readers and supporters AND to the REAL police in NWPF. Our Commiserations to the vehicle owners. We take these crimes seriously even if NWPF don’t!

One of our members reading the Evening Leader’s story on horses noted the following story from NWPF website news ... linked from the Evening leader.... Coincidentally in Colwyn Bay

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Mounted Police in North Wales

The vision is of mounted police galloping through our crowded shopping centres armed with Automatic weapons rather than Winchesters like the wild West.

In the Flintshire Evening Leader (26th December)an article was penned in relation to “Mounties”, North Wales latest bit of kit to beat crime. They are training FIVE officers to ride the regions stallions in order to improve community policing.

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North Wales Police and the change in Home Office rules.

The police force run by Chief Constable Richard Brunstrom has suffered a blow to its claims of leading the rankings for crime detection after a change in Home Office rules … Daily Telegraph by Ben Quinn 30/05/2007 Until now, figures have included "administrative" detections - where no further action is taken, perhaps because a victim cannot give evidence - and "sanctioned" detections - where an offender has been cautioned, admitted their guilt or been convicted. North Wales had boasted the high
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Escaped bull shot by police marksmen

AN investigation is under way into how a North Wales police marksman put a bullet through an upstairs office window when he was trying to shoot an escaped young bull. The stray bullet smashed through a double glazed window of AGS Security Systems in Denbigh Road, Mold, just feet from a conference room where eight people were having a health and safety meeting*.

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An ACPO press release Ref:122 November 13, 2007
We speak jointly today as leaders of the Police Federation, Superintendents’ Association and the Association of Chief Police Officers. The death of Jean Charles de Menezes was a tragedy and is a matter of deep regret for all police officers and police staff. We continue to reach out in sympathy to his family and friends. Recently the Metropolitan Police Service was on trial, not the Commissioner.
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Carry on Screening?

In yesterday's Sunday Telegraph, Johhno Hills of REAL POLICING was invited to write an analysis on the practice of 'screening out' of criminal offences. Screening out concerns the telephone resolution of offences where it can be established at the time of the initial report whether or not there are any potential lines of enquiry.

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North Wales Police Vital financial statistics.

The important numbers in the Police Authority's financial reports for the last two years are summarised. Where it all comes from and where it is spent. All the key capital & revenue expenditure is listed & the balance between community policing for prevention and crime fighting after the event is shown clearly. As usual the devil is in the detail. The full accounts are available on the PA website via our link. There are questions to be asked so feel free, our link tells you who your PA rep is!
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Real community Policing in North Wales

There are two major issues, way above all others, that have been brought to our attention …. on the one hand vandalism, graffiti, & criminal damage to property AND on the other ….. speed camera abuses by NWPF’s Arrive Alive i.e. all cases of ANTI SOCIAL BEHAVIOUR. The real police across North Wales are seen to be tackling the former issue with zeal and imagination.

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The Independent Police Complaints Commission (IPCC) became operational on 1 April 2004.

It is a Non-Departmental Public Body (NDPB), funded by the Home Office, but by law, entirely independent of the police, interest groups and political parties and whose decisions on cases are free from government involvement.They say … We have a legal duty to oversee the whole of the police complaints system, created by the Police Reform Act 2002, our aim is to transform the way in which complaints against the police are handled.

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COMMENTING after the publication by the Home Office of police performance assessments 2006/2007, Shadow Secretary of State for Wales Cheryl Gillan MP said: “While there are some encouraging signs about the performance of Welsh police forces it is clear from these figures that there is still much work to be done. “Police officers across Wales are doing a fantastic job but are being hamstrung by Government targets, red tape and form filling.

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Volunteers wanted to man Anglesey police stations.

Sep. 28 2007 by Hywel Trewyn, Daily Post North Wales Police are seeking public-spirited people to come forward for front counter duties at busy Holyhead and Valley police stations on Anglesey.

Echoing Lord Kitchener’s famous plea for recruits during the First World War, Inspector Andrew Williams makes his plea on the police website titled: Your Police Force Wants YOU! He writes: “In North Anglesey District, we are actively looking to recruit volunteers into both Valley and Holyhead Stat
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Put a face to the Name JOHNNO HILLS Former Detective Constable.

Put a face to the Name JOHNNO HILLS Former Detective Constable. Courtesy of Johnno and the Sun Newspaper… September 13, 2007
Johnno keeps in touch with the PPP and advises us on contacts with specialist Knowledge. We plan to have a meeting in the near future.

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Fines please! Police get on-the-spot ticket machines

Daily Mail By JAMES SLACK on 5th September 2007
Police officers risk becoming more like traffic wardens as they are to get ticketing machines to issue on-the-spot fines to shoplifters and vandals. But there are fears that the devices, which will lead to even more of the controversial £80 fixed-penalty notices being handed out, will reduce the status of officers to that of traffic wardens. The machines have also been criticised for encouraging "soft justice"
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PA meetings to end 2007

Meeting dates times and venues until the end of 2007.
ALL thes meetings are open to the public and the forums are for public participation. Formal meetings are non participating BUT give an insight into how they conduct the serious busines of 'managing' NWPF!

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They're Never Around When You Need Them …. I wish I could have been there.

There is a phenomenon called "survivors guilt" that describes the emotions survivors feel when others around them die, and they survive. There is another type of guilt that isn't expressed very often, but is very real. I call it "Should have been there guilt." Cops occasionally talk about it, but most of the time they talk around it with comments like "That lucky bastard is always in the right place at the right time."

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North Wales Police Crime statistics.

These two sets of data are from the North Wales Police website (bottom RHS homepage) for the period Feb.2006 to Feb.2007 BEFORE the government changed the reporting rules and after WHICH apparently drastically reduced the total number of ALL categories of crime recorded and detected by as much as 65% …
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North Wales quarterly Police Magazine Y Glas

The Summer 2007 issue was the last issue of Y Glas on paper.
Because of financial constraints they have been forced to bring it to an end. They thank us all for all our support ... they claim that the recent independent review proved that we liked the product! The PPP were not impressed with spending money on Y Glas when Brunstrom was cutting frontline policing to save money or man telephone exchanges!

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Police Community Support Officers.

Quoting ex Police Officer Johnno from his real policing website ….”My disapproval of Police Community Support Officers (PCSOs) stems both from operational experience and the misguided belief in them as a
support for police officers. The most effective support for sworn officers is more sworn officers.”
Quoting KEITH HELLAWELL ex chief constable of West Yorkshire 13th August 2007
We need REAL police - not kids in uniform.
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The Press and Journal can reveal that Chief Constable Ian Latimer of Northern Constabulary was trapped driving at 72mph in a 60mph zone on the A9, a road where more than 60 people have died since 2002. Mr Latimer, a former president of the Association of Chief Police Officers in Scotland, admitted the driving offence in his own force area. “I made a mistake. On July 1st this year, in daylight on a clear open stretch of road on the A9, I miscalculated my speed, which was seen to be a maximum of 7
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The Police 'target forms, not criminality', Sunday Telegraph 08/07/2007

An award-winning police inspector has lambasted Government targets, paperwork and political correctness for undermining the war on crime. Insp Mark Scoular spoke out after returning to the Metropolitan Police Force following a five-year break. He said: "I am horrified at the state of policing." Insp Scoular condemned target-setting which has resulted in some officers being ordered to achieve particular numbers of "sanction detections".
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Police Authority Community Forums, Meeting dates.

There are six Police Authority Community Forums, one in each of the Counties of Gwynedd, Conwy, Anglesey, Denbighshire, Flintshire and Wrexham. Each group meets periodically during the year, usually at different venues within each county.
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A very important Quotation by Theodore Roosevelt.

With the permission of Inspector Andrew Williams, the district Inspector for Holyhead Town, from his NWPF website Blog, we publish AND TAKE NOTE from this important Quote by Theodore Roosevelt,

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Police Federation Index of press releases.

The Federation is talking more sense and from the customers point of view ... and much less like a trade Union!
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BBC radio Wales Phone in follow up.

The BBC kindly arranged for a woman called Paige Mitchell to join PPP members in a radio phone in debate on the recent news that North Wales had the highest speeding fines in the UK at nearly £6 per capita. In fact Ms Mitchell, who made the discussion personal, was rude and aggressive and showed her ignorant bias, is 'the coordinator’ of a charity/quango/extremist group masquerading under the name .... 'the Slower Speeds Initiative' .
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Vote of no confidence in police chief 12 May 2007

Connah's Quay town councillors gave a vote of no confidence to Chief Constable Richard Brunstrom and North Wales Police Authority because of claims of poor leadership, negligent behaviour and crazy spending priorities.The council report stated that Mr Brunstrom had been willing to sacrifice police officers to make political points. He has made appalling decisions on prioritising how taxes are spent and all the time, the North Wales Police Authority has been complicit in this negligent behaviou
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A letter to Johnno Of Real Policing.

I fully support the aims and ideals of your campaign.
I spent 17 years in HM Diplomatic Service before joining the Met as a mature entrant in 1989. Having worked in foreign countries and war zones and seen their police forces at work, I was always proud to think that the police in the UK were the best in the world. I spent 8 years stationed at Wembley, of which 5 were as a Home Beat, before transferring to Heathrow where again I was a Home Beat (for the Northern Perimeter Road) until I was
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North Wales speeding fines highest in the UK.

MORE speeding fines are issued per head of population in North Wales than anywhere else in the UK, according to a study. Figures released under the Freedom of Information Act show that North Wales Police fined speeding motorists a total of £3,963,000 in the 2005/6 financial year. The average cost to the 681,000 population of North Wales would be £5.82 per head
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Schism North Wales Police and the elected Government of the UK

In Recent Blogs…the CC and DCC use the Police website to strongly disagree with government Policy on major issues of the FOI act and the Home Office structure.
Quoting Brunstrom on the freedom of information act and Quoting Wolfendale on the Home Office split.
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The Survey by NWPA. The truly representative sample of the population of 1501 people of the safe and crime free North Wales reported that within a 15

The truly representative sample of the population of 1501 people of the safe and crime free North Wales reported that within a 15 minute walk of their residence …. their main concerns were ….. Teenagers hanging around on the streets …… 43%. Rubbish and litter …. 39% Vandalism and property dama 35%. Use of or dealing in drugs … 33%. Antisocial behavior incl. Drunkenness ….
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An ACPO Initiative , the National Community Tensions Team

We continually ask what are all our Police Officers doing?. Here is another option.
The National Community Tension Team is a team that represents the police service in some of the most contentious areas of policing. (This is an extract from the ACPO website for PPP members info.)

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ACPO Motorcycle Enforcement Strategy

Extract for PPP member’s information … go to ACPO website link for full version.
In February 2005 the Department for Transport published The Government’s Motorcycling Strategy, demonstrating its commitment to supporting motorcycling as an important part of the transport mix, working together with the motorcycling community to address the needs of motorcyclists. This document also recognised that the mainstreaming of motorcycling brings with it rights and responsibilities.

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ACPO Code of Practice for Operational use of Enforcement Equipment

This is a verbatim extract of the most important paras in the 97 page document entitled……….

ACPO Code of Practice for Operational use of Enforcement Equipment
Owner: ACPO Road Policing Business Area (i.e Richard Brunstrom)
Author: ACPO Road Policing Enforcement Technology Committee
Implemented: 1 November 2002

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Policeman's fury over gang sentence. May 8 2007 Daily Post

A POLICEMAN yesterday criticised a judge for the lenient sentences given to six yobs who battered him and stabbed his teenage son.

PC William Howie, an officer for 27 years, said the sentencing of the gang, who launched a vicious attack outside his home, sent out the wrong message to the public. He also said the sentences, by Recorder Gareth Jones at Mold Crown Court, could have serious implications for all police officers.

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FOI helps the Police police themselves BBC reporter Martin Rosenbaum 19 Dec 2006

South Yorkshire Police prosecuted South Yorkshire Police because South Yorkshire Police can't tell South Yorkshire Police which South Yorkshire Police officer was driving a speeding vehicle being used by South Yorkshire Police. This follows BBC reporter Martin Shankleman's determined use of freedom of information in pursuit of cases where Police vehicles are caught speeding by speed cameras, but no driver is prosecuted - because the Police (claim) they can't identify the driver.
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Chief Constable Meredydd Hughes

The Sunday Times October 30, 2005 Top traffic cop has speed convictions
A CHIEF constable who will this week be appointed as Britain’s most senior traffic policeman has twice been caught speeding. Meredydd Hughes, head of South Yorkshire police, is likely to launch a crackdown on tailgaters and drug drivers and favours the introduction of a variable speed limit of up to 80mph on motorways.
He was appointed to his current role of Chief Constable of South Yorkshire from 1 September 2004.
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Mar 27 2006 Exclusive By Roland Hughes in the North Wales Daily Post

POLICE chief Richard Brunstrom said in March 2006 that drug users should be treated like human beings - and should even be handed housing ahead of single mums. The controversial chief constable's comments came as the Daily Post launched a series of in-depth reports looking at the scourge of drugs in North Wales. A recent program on channel 4 highlighted fialures in the prison service.
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NORTH Wales police officers are spending almost three hours a day sorting out bureaucracy instead of patrolling the streets.

NORTH Wales police officers are spending almost three hours a day sorting out bureaucracy instead of patrolling the streets. This story in the DAILY Post 14th April 2007
Figures published by the Home Office reveal that officers devoted just 63.5% of their eight-hour shift to frontline policing last year, ranking them among 25 lowest forces in England and Wales.
But the deputy chief constable last night blamed the amount of new responsibilities piled on the force for keeping officers off
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The Costs of policing North Wales

The Costs of policing North Wales and the council tax contribution are shownin the broadest terms. As always the devil is in the DETAIL The crude breakdown of where the total money for policing comes from is shown. Note it all comes from somebody’s taxes. Only 39% from council tax so the other 61% could be added on which gives a more realistic total cost of £460 for Band ‘D’

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Tories target failing police chiefs

Failing police chiefs could be sacked by elected commissioners under reform proposals unveiled by the Tories.
A review ordered by leader David Cameron says taxpayers are not getting value for money from the police and that more local accountability is vital. The commissioners would take control of budgets, target setting and policing plans, leaving chief constables in "operational control" ONLY of their force.

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Chief Constable’s Blog ….Rugby and ‘Hacio’ - 28/11/2006

This extract is an exercise in ingratiation from a past master. Can he really fool all of the Welsh People of North Wales all of the time !?
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We continually ask where are ALL our POLICE OFFICERS, are they based at the Police Stations across North Wales?

North Wales Police Stations ‘opening hours’
We continually ask where are ALL our POLICE OFFICERS, are they based at the Police Stations across North Wales? The information below is courtesy of the NWPF website. We have highlighted times etc which are not totally explicit.

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Force defends diamond cash probe. Daily Post March16th 2007

NORTH Wales Police chiefs yesterday defended a lengthy investigation where a Russian businessman waited months to get more than £170,000 back. Police arrested Eugene and Marina Kogan outside a Colwyn Bay bank on May 19, 2005, and launched a major investigation after they withdrew $300,000.
The Kogans were never charged and were furious claiming the ordeal had damaged their reputation. They were also angry it had taken months to get their cash back.

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Speed Camera Public Opinion Surveys FOR Arrive Alive

references to Details of any surveys (independent and police based) assessing public support for speed cameras which have been referred to by Richard Brunstrom and other senior officers

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Another case of One rule for them, & another for us!

The events detailed here were raised formally with the North Wales Police and the management of Arrive Alive . There wer really interested and no action was taken as far as we know. Police and AA vehicles regularly abuse the traffic regulations they so rigorously enforce when it suits them. We only require sense and reason regarding road safety and targetting of real problems that cause the death and injury on the road. This can only be achieved by manned Patrol cars and with experienced and rea
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Antisocial policing by Arrive Alive speed camera vans

Arrive alive use the 3km rule to target safe sections of roads with low speed limits, particularly after the many recent changes in limits. These locations are not the scene of incidents or casualties anf often target visitors who provide vital support for our businesses and tourist industry. In our experience every site used by AA vans is an abuse of the system and it's objectives and principles. They pervert the course justice on a daily basis on the roads and in the courts.
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Antisocial policing involving Police patrol vehicles & others

PPP members regularly see what we consider to be antisocail use of Police vehicles. This selection of photographs does not involve detection or investigation of crime as far as we can judge.
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Headline Peer's Police chief bully claim

News from the BBC and the Mail on Sunday January 1st 2006 Headline Peer's Police chief bully claim Mr Wolfendale wrote to the peer in response to criticism about his force's investigation into Tony Blair's alleged anti-Welsh swearing six years ago. The prime minister's remarks were allegedly made in response to Labour's performance in the Welsh Assembly elections in 1999. North Wales Police said they had a duty to investigate all claims of racism.
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Smoking ban for police officers.

No smoking ad for police post… Smoking ban for police officers AND a smoking GUN for some officers.
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More stun guns for police.

More stun guns for police. Courtesy of the Daily Post Feb 28 2007 by Tom Bodden.

PLANS to kit out more Police officers in rural North Wales with stun guns were unveiled yesterday.
The stun guns are due to be introduced in the summer to reduce critical response times to serious crimes. Chief Constable Richard Brunstrom wants to train some frontline officers to use the Taser electronic stun gun which is currently restricted to specialist armed units

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Chief Constable's Dog blog - 15/02/2007

Chief Constable Brunstrom....back in the office after speaking at a Westminster Briefing on the Animal Welfare Act 2006, which comes into force in April - He deals with most animal related matters on behalf of the police service throughout England, Wales and Northern Ireland i.e. ACPO.
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Police officer disciplined for encouraging officers to sign petition against road toll.

PC Richard Eccles, secretary of North Wales Police Federation, was reprimanded for ordering the email be sent to other officers in the force. It encouraged them to visit the petition against the Government's pay-as-you-drive proposals on the official Downing Street website, which has already been signed by more than 1.5million men and women. But after PC Eccles, who is also head of the Welsh Police Federation, sanctioned the sending of the email, he was called into a meeting with the force's ACC
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Man stole from police station .... This story courtesy of the North Wales Pioneer on 12th Feb.2007

IT WAS a classic case of not practising what you preach. On Monday magistrates heard how an intruder slipped through an open door in the middle of the night – at a seaside town's police station.
John Richardson, 32, was fined £200 and ordered to pay £60 costs after he pleaded guilty to stealing a police uniform and projector screen in a burglary at Llandudno police station.

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We ask yet again, Where are all our Police Officers?

We ask yet again!,Where are all our Police Officers?, mostly messing about with political correct and daft initiatives BUT not what the people need or want!see below, all from Police information sources
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What are all our Police Officers doing?, encouraging ethnic divisions.

Direct from NWPF website we have .... Birth of a Leader: Course for Minority Ethnic Students. Minority ethnic young people in North Wales are taking part in a two-day life skills course organised by the North Wales Black Police Association in order to increase the pupils’ confidence while at the same time giving them a positive image of the Police. Six local secondary schools were asked to nominate two 16-year-old Black Minority Ethnic students to attend the course.
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Race crime crackdown PAYING OFF Mar 3 2007 by Daily Post

NORTH Wales Police’s high-profile stance against people who insult the Welsh is beginning to pay dividends. The force came under fire in recent years for spending considerable sums of cash investigating complaints against TV presenter Anne Robinson and PM Tony Blair. Neither resulted in a prosecution.

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Another case of Antisocial Policing 2nd Feb 07 via Hywel Trewyn and the Daily Post

A PENSIONER was breathalysed and read her rights following a minor bump with an unmarked Police car. She was forced to drive to her local police station after the low speed impact on Bala High Street. The 70-year-old claimed… there was no signs of a scratch or a dent on the police vehicle. She was reversing her Volvo car “very slowly” out of a parking space when she “touched” the unmarked police car. He said with some authority ‘I am a police officer, you have just crashed into my car. Pull ove
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Only one Police Station in eight is open all hours.

used as a short description/taster of the article for the archives

Only 13 per cent of police stations - about one in eight - are open to the public 24 hours a day, a survey by The Daily Telegraph of the 43 forces in England and Wales has disclosed. The figure includes the total for the Metropolitan Police, which has the highest number and proportion of stations open around the clock. When the Met is removed, the total falls to nine per cent. The non-Met average is three stations open
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Needle exchange for Addicts in Colwyn Bay. .....UPDATE

The 24 hr needle exchange machine for drug addicts in Colwyn Bay as proposed by Brunstrom has been under discussion for several months. All the Conwy County Councillors have now voted against the proposal and he is now appealing against this decision. His comments in his recent BLOG and the PPP response can be seen here.
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The prudent way to police North Wales

Police watchdogs have set the level people will pay to maintain an effective policing service in North Wales over the next year. Members of the North Wales Police Authority decided on a 4.5 per cent increase in the Council Tax precept. Lower than the 5 per cent rise that was recommended in a report by the Police Authority’s treasurer, Nigel Thomas.The decision of the meeting held in St Asaph means there will be a £240,000 cut to the proposed budget but it is hoped to do everything possible to protect neighbourhood policing.
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DCC Wolfendale's 'demeaning' rap

A rap song performed by North Wales' deputy chief constable has been attacked as "demeaning" and "laughable" by the head of the Commission for Racial Equality (CRE). Clive Wolfendale performed the song at the inaugural meeting of the North Wales Black Police Association (NWBPA). Mr Wolfendale began an address to over 100 people with his rap at the first meeting of the (NWBPA) at the force's headquarters last month. CRE Chairman Trevor Phillips referred to the unconventional performance during a speech to black civil servants
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Deputy Chief Constable Wolfendale blogs whilst the HQ burns

This week's blog, as you can see, comes to you from Boston, Massachusetts. I'm here courtesy of a bursary from Public Service Management Wales (an arm of WAG) to study at the John F Kennedy School of Government Executive Education at Harvard University. The course is called "Driving Government Performance - Leadership Strategies That Produce Results". Course members are taken from all over the world and represent a wide cross section of public services including civic and national administration, health and housing ...
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Deputy chief constable Clive Wolfendale Blames Hollywood

We need more Persuasion and less Kill Bill." Deputy chief constable Clive Wolfendale Blamed Hollywood for a 450% rise in violent deaths in the region. He urged people to stop watching Quentin Tarantino and start reading Jane Austen. Mr Wolfendale, below, was speaking out after new figures revealed that between April and November last year 2004, North Wales Police investigated 11 killings compared with just two in the same period in 2003. Attempted murders rose 50% from six to nine, while wounding offences rose nearly 30% ..
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Statistics for North Wales Policing and costs

Statistics for North Wales Policing & costs.
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DCC Wolfendale's on litter on the A55.

DCC Wolfendale's on litter on the A55. 05/10/2006 Regular users of the A55 will be very much aware of the disgraceful state of the roadside verges and lay-byes as the result of rubbish discarded from cars by day trippers. This is a repugnant spectacle in itself but, for those in the know, something a little more sinister lurks in the undergrowth. Amongst the KFC and McDonalds cartons you may find plastic bottles half full of a yellowish, slightly effervescent liquid.
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DCC Wofendale is deconstruct ing the Tower of Babel

NORTH Wales Police are backing the creation of a language and cultural reconciliation centre to try to cut crime rates caused by language and cultural differences. If the centre at Nant Gwrtheyrn near Pwllheli becomes a reality it will emphasise the region’s different languages and cultures. The idea is to help sort out social problems that arise because of the use of different languages - and fostering respect towards different languages, including Welsh. Deputy Chief Constable, Clive Wolfendale said: “What we are trying to
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CRIME AND THE ELDERLY A public lecture by Mike Brogden, Professor of Criminology, Queen's University, Belfast …. Given at New College, 1st February 2001 . The PPP came across this paper when researching this subject. The lack of community policing and very poor response to residents problems by the Police exacerbates the problem

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Numberjacks DCC Wolfendale’s blog

North Wales Police is currently struggling to recruit enough analysts of the right calibre to meet its operational demands. Before the dawn chorus of "You don't need more analysts, wot u need is more bobbies on the beat" chirps in, let me invite you to consider that, before the aforementioned bobby hits the street, it's best if someone can answer the following questions on his / her behalf: Why? … Where? … When? …. Doing What? Aimless patrol just doesn't cut it any longer; and now we've got our battalion of PCSOs,
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Schism….North Wales Police and the elected Government of the UK

In Recent Blogs…the CC and DCC use the Police website to strongly disagree with government Policy on major issues of the FOI act and the Home Office structure. Quoting Brunstrom on the freedom of information act….The Act has been operating for several years now, and the system is rather well bedded in. We in the police accept it as the norm, and our democracy is much the better for it. Government departments seem to have more difficulty with it and are, as reported in the national press, often strangely reluctant to comply;
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Wolfendale's Rapping partner & DIVERSITY officer resigns

A police diversity officer who was criticised for rapping with North Wales' deputy chief constable has resigned from the force. Rukhsana Nugent, 40, took part in the rap at a black police event last year.
The rap, which referred to the BBC's The Secret Policeman on racism among recruits, was called patronising by the Commission for Racial Equality (CRE). The force said it understood she was leaving the country and negotiating with a tabloid newspaper. North Wales Police confirmed on Monday that Mrs Nugent had resigned ...
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Deputy Chief Constable defends force drugs record

BBC News Tuesday, 10 June 2008 The deputy chief constable of North Wales Police has denied the force has eased its fight against drug dealers. Mr Wolfendale said there had been successes targetting networks The number of hard drugs suppliers charged in the last year has dropped to 90 - down from 126 the previous year. But Clive Wolfendale told the police authority's performance review committee the figures concealed an "incredible" success when it came to targeting bigger, organised networks.
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The Police Authority Professional Standards Committee in action.

The role of the PSC is to act on behalf of the NWPA to investigate complaints against the Assistant, Deputy and Chief Constables. We also have to decide whether such matters should be referred to the Independent Police Complaints Commission (IPCC) where referral is not mandatory. Fortunately such matters are infrequent…..The PPP comment .. .. we would disagree and those below are typical……..
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Wolfendale and the Peer

News from BBC and the Mail on Sunday January 1st 2006 Headline Peer's police chief 'bully' claim. Mr Wolfendale wrote to the peer in response to criticism about his force's investigation into PM Tony Blair's alleged anti-Welsh swearing six years ago. North Wales Police said they had a duty to investigate all claims of racism. Lord Mackenzie of Framwellgate told the Mail on Sunday he thought Deputy Chief Constable Clive Wolfendale's letter to him was "diabolical.
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Do we really need Policing ?

Do we really need Policing ? We have often asked ourselves this question and we decided: Yes we do! and that many of our problems were a combination of deep seated social problems, exacerbated by a long term lack of visible deterrent type community policing. During a study of the roots of morality etc we came upon this snippet of significance!
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The road casualty figures again. The government has just published the year-to-June figures

The PPP applaud all the good news and the primary reasons for it……such as the major improvements made by the manufacturers to vehicle design and construction, the engineering improvements to our roads by local councils and the highways agency, the excellent and prompt service from the NHS and Fire & Ambulance services and the millions of caring and generally competent drivers. We must however severely criticise the Police and the so called partnership for their persistent abusive use
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North Wales Police agree 3% council tax hike

NORTH Wales Police has increased its council tax precept by 3%. The move came at a meeting of the police authority yesterday morning. Last December they decided on a 5% rise in a bid to stop cuts in frontline policing. A month earlier, in November 2008, police chiefs had warned up to 73 frontline officers or 134 civilian staff would be axed unless they agreed to put the precept up. Last night’s news met with a mixed reaction, with one policing pressure group labelling it a largely positive move given last year’s rise.

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ACPO Leads On Firearms And Conflict Management

From the police Oracle 29-Sep-09 CC Ian Arundale, ACPO Strategic Firearms and Conflict Management Portfolio addresses Conflict Management Conference... In a speech to the ACPO Conflict Management Conference last week Mr Arundale covered a wide range of topics under the umbrella of his portfolio and stated: The following verbatim extracts are of interest
The country's two newest units Essex and North Wales continue to move from strength to strength. Tomorrow we will hear from Insp Cath Pritchard of North Wales Police ....
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POLICE in North Wales have drawn US-style TASER stun guns more times than almost every other force.

POLICE in North Wales have drawn US style TASER stun guns more times than almost every other force. Officers issued the 50,000 volt-charge Tasers to tackle violent thugs 47 times and actually fired them on 12 separate occasions between April 2003 and December 2006. Only the Met and West Yorkshire police, both of which are much bigger forces, responded to more incidents using the controversial weapons, according to Home Office figures.

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'Secured by Design' at North Wales Police

Secured by Design at North Wales Police
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A seasonal story from Toytown……..With apologies to Enid Blyton!

A seasonal story……..With apologies to Enid Blyton!
Noddy was unhappy. Yet again he had received a letter in the post telling him he would have to send off his licence and money as PC Plod, using his latest toy, the Dickybird speed camera, had caught him over the limit once more. He was certain he was driving safely, and had not seen PC Plod and his van hiding in the bushes until too late, as he was concentrating on the road ahead rather than his speedometer.

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Mounted Division!

North Wales Police (Brunstrom) are considering setting up a mounted Division! So we had a look at the reality of the costs involved. The only real reason for a mounted division is for crowd control-- One place would be Wrexham F.C- country side searches are rare, Town patrols basically vision only, not effective, plus vehicles hazards Most units feel that 6 horses is a minimum requirement for effectiveness. Minimum supervisory management would be an 'Inspector'.
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RTC and crime stats from North Wales Police.

There has been a significant reduction in deaths and serious injuries on North Wales roads this year and we sincerely hope this trend continues. It is not clear to us why these large variations occur.
The more complex crime stats are still being analysed by the PPP. Prosecutions for drug dealing seem to be low SO FAR this year.

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Stakeholder Consultation Meting 2004

ORS is pleased to have conducted the research reported here for because police-community relations are obviously important both for the police and all members of the public.

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Police crashes are up again.

Police crashes are up again.
Figures released by the Independent Police Complaints Commission indicate a further worrying rise in death involving Police vehicles
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The Police on Drugs

The Police on Drugs (policy) 1. Reference: 10/04 Date: January 28, 2004


Chief police officers published guidelines in September 2003 on policing cannabis possession following reclassification of cannabis from a Class B to a Class C drug.
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What are all our Police Officers doing?

What are all our Police Officers doing…..Check lists??

The PPP comments…..Would YOU like to tender for work for this organisation ??…..NWPF…..from their website.
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Opinion survey in North Wales

The PPP core group members carried out an opinion survey in North Wales across New Year 2004/5.
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Deputy Chief Constables blog

Deputy Chief Constable's Blog on 05/10/2006 courtesy of NWPF:Link
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